5 applications for outdated Android and iOS devices

Android and iOS devices and tablets routinely going on sale, you may find yourself with an additional Android and iOS gadget that isn’t being used. Rather than letting that spare Android or iOS tablet or smartphone sit in your drawer, here are five unique applications for it.


I have a Nexus 7 (2013), which has poor battery life and overheats fast while connected to Wi-Fi. I also experienced the issue of my books becoming destroyed in my backpack during commutes, courses, and so on.

All of the books I needed to read were accessible as e-books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Moon Reader allows me to pick between white and black page colors for outdoor and indoor reading, bookmarks my pages, looks up words, and does other things. A variety of free e-books may be lawfully downloaded from websites such as Project Gutenberg.

Yes, paperback or hardback will always be the finest way to read, but not when your 900-page book appears to have been torn by a bulldog after a day in your luggage.

A specialized smart home gadget for the bedroom

With Google Assistant widely available on Android and iOS devices, you’re never more than a button away from access. This is especially important for tablets. As a consequence, you may continue to use your phone while being productive and multitasking.

You must purchase a folio case for your tablet (which may cost as low as $5) and place it in a resting posture. You may then wake your smartphone by pressing the power button and asking Google Assistant to perform certain tasks.

The possibilities for a dedicated bedside gadget are limitless! Set your alarms, reminders, and calendar, and check the weather from the comfort of your bed. For the best results, to sync your tablet and primary device, using the same Gmail address.

Additionally, you may configure your smart appliances, smart security appliances, and more on a tablet that is compatible and use it as the main controller for your house.

A smart mirror or a vehicle dashboard touch screen

If you’re feeling brave and want to give it a shot, check out the many YouTube tutorials on how to make your smart mirror

You may now construct your own Android auto-enabled dashboard touchscreen tablet if you are EXTREMELY adventurous and have advanced abilities to tinker with your automobile.

Keep in mind that this requires a lot of patience, physical effort, and a reasonable amount of technical ability. As a result, this should only be considered if you have thoroughly seen the films and understand the adventure you are about to embark on.

An electronic picture frame

Several applications can run a slideshow of your family photographs if you want to add a little technology to your living room. When you invite friends or relatives around, this will be a talking point. One of the numerous free applications you can use for this is Pictures.

Keep in mind that without being regularly charged, this won’t become a fixture. Having a low-power indication appears while showcasing your images would be awkward. The battery WILL suffer from the screen being on all the time and from repetitive graphics.

A backup security measure

A backup cellphone might come in handy if you’ve misplaced your primary smartphone or need to access your multi-factor authentication applications. Installing applications like Google’s Find My Device will allow you to find your main device in your home or remotely ring, wipe, and secure it from attackers.

You might detest pulling out your phone to input the 2-factor authentication code if you are a security obsessive like me. But if you have a solid app (Authy is my recommendation), you can input your 2-factor code right away without getting out of bed, interrupting your phone while it’s charging, or moving between applications.

These are just a handful of the uses for your outdated technology. Please let us know.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make use of your old device.


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