6 Top Websites and Apps to Convert Video to Mp3

6 Top Websites and Apps to Convert Video to Mp3
6 Top Websites and Apps to Convert Video to Mp3 – For those who want to listen, and not watch, there are many websites and apps that can convert video files into audio. Do you know the Best App for Editing videos on Android?

Any internet user must have heard of converting MP3 (video-to-audio) at one time or another. This is mainly because it allows you to listen to the music without having to look at the screen. Thanks to the many apps and websites that can extract only the audio, enjoying rare clips is now easier than ever.

How to convert video to audio (mp3)

1. Movavi Video Converter (Windows & macOS)

Movavi video converter is powerful but easy to use and intuitive. It can convert videos to audio files and supports many media formats. You can also use the editing tools to modify the final audio files.

Movavi Video Converter Free

2. Apowersoft Online Video Converter (website, Windows and macOS).

Apowersoft software is very easy to use. Installing a launcher on your PC is all that’s required. Once you have done that, you can upload any type of video and convert it into audio. For those who don’t want to depend on it, there is and a paid desktop version.

Apowersoft Online Video Converter is Free

3. Freemake Video Converter (Windows).

Freemake is a Windows-exclusive editor and converter. You can create videos from photos and extract files from DVDs. It also converts audios and video to a variety of formats. This includes the ability to extract a track from a YouTube video and transform it into an audio file with your preferred extension. It is very intuitive.

Freemake Video Converter is .

4. CloudConvert (web)

CloudConvert is an website that converts video, audio, and image files quickly. It allows you to send any video from your computer, cloud, or website to its servers and convert it into an audio format in any of several formats.

CloudConvert access is Free

5. Media Converter (Android)

Android has a powerful converter called Media Convert . It is more than just a mobile editor. It supports a variety of video formats and allows you to extract the audio track in a separate file. Although it looks old, the interface is still being improved.

Media Converter is free.

6. VLC Media Player for Windows, macOS Linux, Android, and iOS

VLC Media Player is a popular video player for Windows, macOS Linux, Android, iOS and Android. It also has a built in converter. It allows you to convert any video stored on your computer and extract the audio.

VLC Media Player is Free.


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