6 Utilities to improve Windows 10

6 Utilities to improve Windows 10With Windows 10, Microsoft has corrected its copy compared to the terrible Windows 8; its operating system is still perfect for competing with the excellent Windows 7. You may like to read this How to Fix Windows 10 Intermittently Losing Internet Connection.

While waiting for a new version that will inevitably follow Windows 10 in a few years, independent developers are already producing system utilities to improve and add features to Windows 10, such as the ability to customize Start menu icons or to transform the appearance of the computer desk.

Here is a compilation of the best utilities currently available that can transform the user interface and improve the functioning of Windows 10 by adding features forgotten or neglected by Microsoft engineers.

Some of the utilities presented below are also compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

  • TweakNow PowerPack: This utility was designed to improve Windows 10 in the way it works. This includes a tool to clean the Registry. This system menu gives access to a 100s of Windows 10 settings that, in principle, are not accessible.
  • Winaero Tweaker: A tool that gives access to Windows 10 options not accessible from the user interface.
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4: The utility provides access to over 200 tweaks and enhancements for Windows 10.
  • TileCreator: One of the significant criticisms of Windows 10 is the inability to change the visual appearance of Start Menu tiles. This utility was designed to edit these tiles to modify their images, texts, and background colors.
  • Taskbar Tweaker: A utility to overhaul the Windows 10 taskbar from top to bottom. The program’s user interface is available in French.
  • Folder Marker: This utility adds the ability to color and label (priority levels, essential files, work done, etc.) folders with a mouse click.


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