How to add extensions in Safari Browser

How to add extensions in Safari Browser

How to add extensions in Safari Browser РSafari provides extensions that allow you to include note-taking software as well as password managers, and other features in the Apple browser for Macs. We recommend you read How to add extensions to Microsoft Edge Browser before learning the tutorial.

It permits the installation of extensions similar to many other contemporary browsers . Extensions can be useful to add new features, like integration with note-taking software and password managers, in addition to many other capabilities. Learn how to install plugins to Apple ‘s browser available.

Browser extensions are available through on the App Store. According to Apple the requirement is that you be running Safari 12 or higher for access to the extensions via the macOS app store. However, if your browser is the older versions, simply upgrade the operating system you are using .

follow steps below.

  • Click on “Safari Extensions”
    To add extensions, you’ll need to go to the Apple menu on the menu bar, and then click to select “Safari Extensions“;
  • Choose an extension
    It will take you to App Store using the available extensions to Safari.
  • Install the extension
    The process is similar for installing an app simply click “Get” or on the cloud icon in case it’s already an app that you purchased from your account.
  • Enable the extension
    Go back to the browser and select on the “Enable Extension” button in the message that appears beneath the address bar or the bookmark bar.

How to Remove or Disable a Safari Extension

The use of extension is essential to enhance your browsing experience. What happens when an extension ceases to be useful or has issues? You can choose to take it off or turn it off. Learn how to:

How do you remove an extension

  • Navigate to Safari settings;
  • Select”Extensions” from “Extensions” tab;
  • Select the extension you wish to add in the menu to the left;
  • Click on “Uninstall”;
  • If a warning message appears, telling your that an extension a part of an app that you are not able to access, click “Show in Finder”;
  • Remove the app which refers on the extension.

How can you deactivate an extension?

  • Open Safari settings;
  • Navigate to”Extensions” and click on the “Extensions” tab;
  • In the menu on the left In the side menu, uncheck the box to the extension that you would like to deactivate.

Can I install Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad?

It is indeed possible to use extensions for browsers on your iPhone or iPad. To get started, you must be running the most recent version iOS or iPadOS and then goto the Safari settings from your system’s settings. After that, look for the extension you want to install on the App Store and then proceed with the installation just as on Mac.


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