How to add a printer in Windows 10

How to add a printer in Windows 10
How to add a printer in Windows 10 – You bought a new printer however, you have to connect it to your computer or laptop. You’re not sure what you have to do to connect the printer to. If so, then you’re in the right place since in this post we will show you the best way to link a local wireless printer to your laptop and then use the printer across every homes. Learn How to Change IP Address in Windows 10.

Adding a printer in Windows 10

It is important that you make a backup in the event that there is a problem.

Method 1. Install an existing printer in Windows 10

1. The first step is to plug your printer to the Computer.

2. Press windows and type in scanners and printers

3. Select scanners and printers. 

5. Once that is done, Add a printer or scanner will be chosen and all printers already added will be listed. Select the printer you wish you to add on your PC.

6.If the printer you wish to add isn’t included. Click on the link. desired printer isn’t included from the choices below.

This will open a troubleshooting guide that will show you all the available printers that you can add, find your printer in the list, and add it to your PC.

Method 2 Set up the wireless printer in Windows 10

Different wireless printers come with various methods for installation It’s all up to the printer’s manufacturer. The latest wireless printers come with an integrated feature for installation that will be automatically installed on your device if the printer and your system are connected to the same network.

  1. Then, you must perform your initial setup by using the option to setup on the LCD panel of the printer.
  2. Then choose your SSID of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. You will be able to find this network by clicking the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom of your screen taskbar.
  3. Then, input your password for the network, and it will connect the printer to your PC or laptop.

There are instances where you’ll need to connect the printer to the USB cable in order to download the program. In other cases, you can find the printer in the Settings->Device section.


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