Apple’s thinner M1-chip color iMac

Apple’s thinner M1-chip color iMac

The 2020 MacBooks and Mac Mini are not the only Macs that have Apple silicon. Apple unveiled the new Mac with an M1 chip on Tuesday (20). The novelty is not just attractive: it features a completely new design, seven colour options and a 1080p webcam. It also boasts an audio system that promises the best sound quality ever.

iMac returns to colour

The previous generations had a minimalist design but the new iMac went further. The thin screen, which measures only 11.5mm in thickness, and the prominent logo at the back along with the straight edges might give you the illusion that you are looking at a gigantic iPhone.

The iMac is also closer to the iPhone with seven colour options. There’s still the classic metallic grey, but there are more options.

  • silver grey)
  • blue
  • violet
  • pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light green

It is impossible to forget the famous colourful iMacs with a tube display.

Full HD camera with bass sound

The new design might be enough to convince someone else to buy the new iMac. It is clear that Apple was focused on increasing the features of the model. The FaceTime camera, which features 1080p resolution with three studio-quality microphones, is the first.

A sound system with six speakers completes the media aspect. Two pairs of power-cancelling subwoofers allow bass reproduction and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Two high-performance tweeters are added to the woofers. The six speakers together can produce audio with balanced bass, mids, and treble to create a stage-worthy sound experience.

Retina Display 24 Inch

11.3 million. This is the maximum number of pixels that the Retina display on the new iMac can display. It measures 24 inches in height, has a 4.5K resolution, 500 Nits brightness, anti-reflective coating, and supports more than 1 billion colours.

Apple also calls attention to True Tone technology, which adjusts the screen’s colour temperature based on ambient lighting conditions.

It is evident that the M1 exists

The new iMac looks almost like a video monitor at first glance. The screen actually houses a powerful computer. Apple explained that this was possible partly because of the M1 module. It brings together CPU, GPU RAM, and other resources in one place, which reduces the space needed.

The M1’s main feature is, of course, its performance. Apple claims the chip allows the iMacs to “wake up” immediately and perform tasks very fluidly. Our review of the MacBook Pro with M1 does not dispute that statement.

Additional functions are also available on the M1. The M1’s image signal processor is able to reduce noise and adjust white light to improve the camera’s image quality.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

Apple doesn’t leave out accessories. The new iMac comes with a new Magic Keyboard keyboard. Two new features are included in this accessory: The first is the same colour as the iMac, and the second is the presence of a Touch ID sensor in the upper right corner.

Multiple users can log into the iMac quickly by simply having a fingerprint associated with their account. Magic Keyboard has emojis as well as a “Do Not Disturb” button.

Apple offers a keyboard version without Touch ID for the entry-level iMac. This feature is standard on higher-end iMacs.

Apple also offers the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad in the same colour as the iMac.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (image by publicity/Apple


The new iMac’s back has two USB4 Thunderbolt ports. The more expensive models have two USB3 ports (also in the USBC standard) as well as an Ethernet connection.

USB-C ports on new iMac (image by publicity/Apple).

There is also a connection to the power source at the rear. The accessory cable can be attached to the iMac using magnets and is available in model colours.

One curious thing about the iMac is its Ethernet connection. However, it connects in an indirect manner. The component was connected to the source instead of the computer.

Ethernet is included in the power supply (image: publicity/Apple).

Also, connectivity specs include Bluetooth5.0 and Wi-Fi 6.

Pricing and availability of the new iMac

The new 24-inch iMac in the United States. Apple Brazil has yet to release the date of the sale but has released the prices.

  • 8GB RAM, 2TB Storage, M1 with 7 core GPU: R$17.599 (US$1,299)
  • 8GB RAM, 8GB Storage, M1 with 8 core GPU: R$20.099 (US$1,499)
  • 8GB RAM, 8GB Storage, M1 with 8 core GPU: R$22 599 (US$1,699)


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