Battery draining Apps to discard in 2023

In 2023 a lot of mobile users will experience battery draining apps on their devices. With a mobile device that has a huge battery that lasts for long hours, the battery still gets drained by running apps in the background. Apps such as streaming apps eat up more battery life since they make use of speakers, display backgrounds, and mobile networks at the same time.

Apps for Streaming


Facebook is already known to use lots of background processes, manage notifications, and synchronize contacts using the most battery power of your phone. 

For lesser consumption of the battery power of your mobile phone, set restrictions for the app and disable all notifications from the app. Limiting the background data and battery of the app will help the battery life. Following the instruction above, your phone should work well and allow you to manage permission individually.


Over the years, YouTube has proven to be the most popular site where people spend lots of time watching videos. This has contributed to draining the battery life of your phone and as such, it needs control while using it to prevent battery draining apps of your mobile device.


Netflix aside from being a battery-draining app also needs to be used periodically. The push notification has also contributed to why the app reduces the battery life of your phone. You should reduce the number of hours you watch videos on Netflix

4.BBC News

This particular app is among the best app, but regrettably it receives breaking news as notification, it drains battery quickly. To prolong the battery life, you proceed with reducing the notification and activities in the background

5.Goggle News

Due to the constant activities in the background, the app drains battery . In view to prolong the battery life of the phone, you need to disable the notification and alerts


Being the most popular messaging app, the app drains the battery  with running background activities. The best you can do is to limit the usage  to prolong the battery.


This app being a video recording with playing capabilities consumes a good number of battery life. The battery life can prolong by Controlling your usage  and disabling pointless notification. Using TikTok when connected to Mobile data also use up the battery life.


Snapchat does not have considerations for phone batteries. As a result of the app using location based services, it drains battery life. Although you can disable and enable your current location depending on what you want to do with the app. The major reason while the app has no consideration for phone batteries is because it is a camera app with a video story.


Major concern is to ensure that unused apps, shut down in the background so that the battery is not drained. The reason why the apps continue to run in the background  is to close other apps which are the cause of battery draining. To maintain a free phone, avoid these apps that drains your battery at all cost. You can check Clean Master on android Goggle play to save your battery life.


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