The best apps to edit WhatsApp photos in 2023

The best apps to edit WhatsApp photos in 2023

The best apps to edit WhatsApp photos in 2023 WhatsApp is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps, alongside social media platforms (although it tends to reduce the quality). You can send photos to your friends and family with the help of Meta’s messaging app, which includes a basic photo editor that allows you to crop the photo, add text, stickers, and freehand drawings, but not much else.

Perhaps it would be best to use a mobile photo editing app to make sure everything is perfect before sending that special photo if we want the recipient to receive it in the best possible conditions. Or perhaps you are the recipient of such a photo and would like to retouch it with your own special flair. These applications are among the most feature-rich and simple to use in their respective categories.


Whatsapp photo editing: the top apps

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editing and sharing app for mobile devices. Everything you need to quickly edit and transform images that stand out on social media and beyond is included in Photoshop Express. Additionally, with the addition of premium features, you can immediately engage in sophisticated editing.

Words to the Effect: Photoshop Express

Optimize your photos with Photoshop’s helpful enhancement features. Cropping, retouching, and denoising are simplified with their help. It’s possible to change the appearance of your device by adding new themes, stickers, and overlays, and by editing existing ones in bulk. One of the best parts is the smart correction options in the advanced correction, which can get rid of any unwanted objects.

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Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe’s Photoshop Fix is a mobile photo editing app developed with Adobe Creative SDK and aimed at both experienced and aspiring photographers.

This Adobe tool has the assurance of having Photoshop in its name like the previous one, and it’s also a pretty easy alternative for quick touch-ups. Signing into Adobe Creative Cloud grants you access to photos you’ve edited in other Adobe desktop and mobile apps, so you can further enhance them or use them in other creative projects.

When these images are opened, you can fix, smooth, liquify, lighten, and make other edits and adjustments to achieve the precise look you want, just as if you were using a desktop version of Photoshop. such as blurring and adjusting the brightness/contrast.


Polarr is an appealing option because of the many talented programmers who work on it. Use one of the millions of Polarr filters made by people all over the world, or make your own and share it with the Polarr community.

In addition to editing colors, you can add your own overlays and face adjustments, or modify specific objects with AI in your Polarr filter. As a curiosity, if you’re already used to using it, Polarr filters can also be applied to videos using Polarr 24FPS, a companion application.


With over 2 million free effects, overlays, and filters, Pixlr is one of the best photo editing apps, making it nearly impossible to not find exactly what the defect. Pixlr is the right photo editing program for everyone. Whether you’ve never edited a photo before or you’re a pro, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need.

The app’s specialties include enhancing selfies with simple tools to remove blemishes and red-eye or whiten teeth, creating photo collages with a variety of layout, background, and spacing options, or even out the color in one click with the app. automatic correction.

Video and Image Editor: VSCO

VSCO has two models, one free and one subscription-based with premium features. To make your photos stand out, you can use free editing tools like contrast and saturation, or you can add grain and fading to simulate the effects of analog film. Crop and Shift allow you to change and experiment with your photos’ perspectives. Save and recreate your favorite edits with recipes.

Which app is No 1 for photo editing?

PhotoDirector is the best app for editing photos for free. PhotoDirector is the best photo editing app on the market because it is easy to use and has powerful AI tools and features. …
The best free photo editor is YouCam Perfect.
Pixlr has the best filters of any photo editor.

How do I crop a picture on WhatsApp?

Open the app for WhatsApp on your phone.
Tap the individual chat or group chat where you want to share the image.
Tap the “+” icon in the bottom bar on an iPhone.
Tap the Gallery option from the menu.
Choose the photo you want to share from the gallery on your phone.

Can you Customise WhatsApp?

You can make your chats on WhatsApp more personal by changing the background. You can change your background for all chats or set a different background for one chat. You can also choose wallpapers specific to dark or light modes, and dim your dark mode wallpaper.


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