Best free Mac screen capture apps

Best free Mac screen capture apps –It’s simple to take a screen shot of your Mac You can also take an image that is still or even a video! The process of taking an snapshot from your Mac to use it is an additional feature that a lot of people use nowadays. Take a photo of the information and send it to people who are close to you or make use of it to satisfy legal requirements. This is an essential requirement for many people as a default feature, some of whom might have mastered this MacBook keystrokes. You may like to read this  before taking ITEEGEEK detailed guide on Best free Mac screen capture apps.

But, users who previously used previously with the Windows operating system prior to when they transitioned to macOS might not be aware or accidentally clicked the wrong button using the same reasoning. This could be normal. However, it’s not the case. The macOS operating system comes with distinct shortcut keys. This is distinct from the Windows version to a different kind, however it’s not difficult to use since if you begin pressing the shortcut key it will start with the primary key, which is the Command key, as that of the Windows key on the keyboard.

Screenshots taken on Mac using macOS keys.

Shortcut keys for those who switched to macOS or still do not use it well and want to take a screenshot to use, it’s not difficult to press. Essentially, you have to press Shift+Command and the numbers 3~6 on the keyboard to select an image. The type of screen capture you want to use The working format is as follows.

Shortcut key is pressedWork
Shift+Command+number 3Make a photo that covers the screen the same way as printing from the Screen Print Screen as well as Windows+Print Screen.
Shift+Command+Number 4Only capture a portion of the screen. When you press the mouse cursor changes to an plus sign. You can drag it across the area you wish to save the screen.
Shift+Command+Number 4+SpacebarChoose to capture just one screen. If you press it by the system, it moves the cursor to choose the window you wish for the capture of the screen. By pressing it, you will get an image of the screen.
Shift+Command+Number 4+Drag mouseMake a photo of the frame you want to use for menu. When you press it, move your mouse cursor over that desired frame, then left-click.
Shift+Command+number 5Start the Screenshot command in order to take a screen shot.
Shift+Command+Number 6Capturing the MacBook’s Touch Bar

(Touch the bar only)

If you aren’t adept with these keyboard shortcuts for taking screen shots, Apple has also turned on a feature that lets users to create new shortcuts that improve their comfort through pressing an icon.The upper right corner Keyboard, System Preferences, Shortcuts, and then press to adjust the shortcut keys however you prefer. Screenshots are saved to the Desktop as an .png file. However, now macOS will still allow screenshots in clips with Screen Recording. Screen Recording command. The documents are saved in the format of .mov.

The problem is that Apple does not permit screenshots from specific applications like DVD Player, to prevent copyright infringement concerns.

Turn Mac screen into a video using these apps

Anyone who needs to capture the screen as a video for use with the capabilities of macOS. There are currently applications. It is free to download the apps in combination. The app can be downloaded on your device, or be downloaded online too. There are many apps to choose from.

  1. QuickTime Player
  2. Open Broadcaster Software
  3. VLC Media Player
  4. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder
  5. Digiarty Screen Recorder
  6. TechSmith Capture

1.QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a Mac screen-capture footage that’s been available for quite a while with it’s macOS operating system. It has been included since its launch. The method to record your screen in a clip is very simple to use. When you open the app, choose the File menu and choose New Screen Recording. There will be a screen-recording window that allows you to record your screen. If you’d like to capture only a particular part of the video or the entire screen. If you’re operating your iPhone or iPad equipped with a MacBook and a MacBook, you can use the camera of your device to record the video and save the file to your MacBook as well. You can also use QuickTime Player to finish editing the clip.

2. Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS streamers are very well-known and widely used and it is compatible with it with the macOS operating system, too this is the main benefit of this application. It’s a no-cost program which does not use up any of the resources that a computer uses. There are many customizable options that allow you to select an area to capture the screen or snap a picture across the screen. If you find the screen you want and press Start Recording immediately. Choose the output you wish to save your video in which extension file. Also, it can be used to stream in the event that your MacBook machine has macOS 10.13 or greater.

3.VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free application that allows you to easily capture Mac screens. The benefit is that it’s totally free and doesn’t require lots of resources. Start the program and work with it with ease. It supports the most widely used video codecs. It is compatible with a range of operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android. With a host of other features, including altering the EQ or switching on the Subtitle while you’re watching the movie as well as how to capture screen clips on a MacBook screen-based video is easy by following these steps:

  1. On the program’s page Click on the command”View > Advanced Controls.
  2. Press Ctrl+C, or choose Media, and then the Open Capture device.
  3. Set Capture Device to Desktop
  4. Select Convert/Save and click Save. When you click Start it will begin recording your screen instantly.

It is described as a helpful program that is able to record or watch video clips, or screens, too.

4. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

If you don’t wish to install an Mac screen recording program installed on your PC you can also use Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder available. It’s extremely simple to use and offers unlimited recording capabilities. You just need to press the Record Now button on the site select the screen you wish to record as a video and click Share. Apowersoft will begin recording the screen instantly. Once you’re happy it’s possible to save the recording to your MacBook or opt that you want to transfer it onto the cloud. It’s extremely simple to use.

5. Digiarty Screen Recorder

Digiarty Screen Recorder is a excellent Mac screen capture application and the company has created it specifically for MacBook equipped with the Apple M1 chip. PiP is compatible with Webcams, and an easy choice of the areas you want to capture fully supported to macOS, iOS, plus additional options for tutors online. Use Paint Tool Paint Tool to sketch and write down notes. Want to make it clear and save the file as MP4 to use it again too.

6. TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture is an application that has been renamed after an app known as Jing which some users might had downloaded previously. The app costs nothing to download, and it can be saved in an .MP4 file for use with ease. Caps can be set to capture the entire screen or pick one specific region on the screen. The program was developed by the same group that created Snagit and Camtasia and is paid for.


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