Best free URL shorteners in 2022

Best free URL shorteners in 2022
Best free URL shorteners in 2022 – Making an address fit the requirements of a website can be difficult because of the lack of space. Everyday, the need to add a URL to some web space might arise, but this could be a challenge because of the size limitations for a variety of sites. In this case it is best to find a way to minimize the url length. Below is a list of free URL shorteners .

What’s it used for?

In many cases the URL for a website may be lengthy. This is why it may be necessary to cut it down so it’s possible to put the URL on social media sites or websites like Twitter because there’s a limit to the amount of characters that can be used.

The URL shortener solves this issue. The site alters the URL’s initial URL, and shortens it to a smaller quantity of letters. Actually some of the websites below allow some kind of customisation of the links through the users. Explore the most frequently used.

1. Bitly

Bitly is a website which not only provides an easy URL shortener for free, it also assists in confirming the performance of your link through metrics and similar methods. To make use of , it is essential to register and select a subscription that can range from a free plan to a paid one. Businesses that require a large demand for generating links may choose a monthly subscription.

2. Tiny URL

In addition to allowing URL modification, TinyURL offers both paid and free plans. Like Bitly the distinction between paid and free plans is dependent on the needs of the user. In addition, the shortening of the URL is a feasible procedure on the website, because there is no need to sign up.

3. Rebrandly

With tools for redirection and monitoring of links, Rebrandly is very rich when it comes to URL shortening. However the version that is free URL shortener lets users to create just 500 URLs and block attempts to retry after that.

4. Tiny CC

With options for creating the QR Code link or sharing with Facebook and other social platforms TinyCC is designed for an average user. It also allows the creation of customized link ends, allowing the outcome as the user would like it to be. The paid version comes with additional elements and tools but it’s not required to use it just as an unpaid URL shortener.


After registering with , the user can use to reduce their URLs at no cost and immediately. Additionally, there are options for customization as well as a traffic analysis for your link , as well as the QR code creator.


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