How to Block Text Messages or SMS on an Android or iPhone

How to Block Text Messages or SMS on an Android or iPhone

How to Block Text Messages or SMS on an Android or iPhone – Typically, when we look up how to block SMS or text messages on our phones; iPhones or Android, it’s because someone is constantly bothering us.

Block text messages or SMS on iPhone and Android

Fortunately, all phones have a spam filter or the option to add phone numbers to the blacklist, so we can stop getting message notifications. Although each brand typically has its own operating system, the procedure for both Android and iOS phones is generally quite similar.


Additionally, we can block SMS from particular contacts or from any number that isn’t stored in our phone’s memory.

Android can block contacts’ SMS

The process is the same for all adjustment layers, but the lock setting names differ. You simply need to touch and hold the SMS thread you want to block in the Messages app. The option to Block or Mark as Spam will appear depending on the phone’s operating system.

By doing this, the sender will be blocked, and you won’t get any more texts or calls from that phone number. The current thread is also archived.

Block incoming SMS on Android

Additionally, the phone’s spam filter, which automatically filters messages from contacts who haven’t been saved, can be enabled. To do this, open the Messages application and select Spam and Block from the three vertical dots. By checking the Antispam box, choose the SIM card for which you want to enable spam filtering. If you are using a dual SIM card on the phone, press the button to activate it and repeat the procedure with a different SIM card.

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iPhone SMS blocking

In order to avoid being bothered by messages, we have the option to filter spam or block contacts if we are using an iOS version, even if the screenshots are from iOS 14.

Simply access the contacts file from the phone app or iOS calendar to block a specific person’s messages on an iPhone. By tapping the name at the top of the conversation, you can also access it directly from the conversation in the Messages app. All of your acquaintance’s information can be found here, but the option to block them is highlighted in red.

You won’t be able to receive SMS from the selected contact(s) if you choose to “Block this contact.” Additionally, you’ll be put on our “black list” and select contact(s) won’t be allowed to call the mobile device.

Block Incoming SMS on iOS

iOS also provides the option to do it if we do not want individual protection measures for a specific number of contacts but rather for all the phones that we have not saved in the agenda and that typically annoy us with messages and calls at all times.

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In this situation, you must launch the Settings application and navigate to the Messages section. After entering, you must locate and activate the “Filter unknown” option. You can access all of your notifications and messages from senders who aren’t saved on your phone using it. This does not imply that they will vanish; rather, they will show up in a new tab in the Messages app called “Unknown.”

Is there a way to block text messages on iPhone?

Select Messages > Settings > Message Filtering > Filter Unknown Senders to enable this feature. When activated, messages from people who aren’t in your contacts will only be displayed in Filters > Unknown Senders.

Is there a way to block SMS messages?

Here’s how to prevent your Android phone from receiving any more spam texts. Launch your preferred messaging program and look for the message you wish to obstruct. Press and hold the message for the Block button to appear. (You might have to go to the menu (the three dots) and then select “Block” in some apps.)

How do you stop someone from texting you without blocking them?

Launch the Messages app on your Android device.
Select the person who has this icon next to their name.
Select the menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
Select the People and Settings tab.
To turn on or off alerts, tap the Notifications button.



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