Can I access WhatsApp Business on PC?

Can I access WhatsApp Business on PC?
Can I access WhatsApp Business on PC? You can use certain function of WhatsApp Business from your computer and learn how to access and find out more about the functions available. Do you know? WhatsApp now has native Windows App.

There isn’t a specific Web and Desktop version of WhatsApp Business . However, you can access your account standard version, which is accessible to everyone. The good thing is that, even using this method you can access features like rapid replies , tags and chat filters can be used to improve communication with customers.

How to connect WhatsApp Business on a PC

There are two options:

In both cases both options, you’ll need to look up your QR code to authenticate your account and sign in to the computer. Then, you’ll be able to communicate with your partners and customers there.

Which WhatsApp Business features can I access on my PC?

Quick Responses : Messages that are used to respond to commonly asked queries. Simply hit the ” / ” key on your keyboard to choose a quick response and then send it.

Tags are used to manage your conversations and contacts. Alongside the labels for the application (new customer new order, new order, pending payment paid and complete purchase) you can add additional labels depending on your business.

To access it, you must are using WhatsApp running on your computer, click the conversation you want to use, and on the left sidebar, tap the small arrow below the date , then press ” Edit label “.

Conversation Filter can be designed to help you organize your conversations in a simple way. Sort filters based on messages not read or groups. If you want to apply filters, press ” Search or start an entirely new conversation ” and then select the three-line icon, then select the option.

Add or edit catalog entries: the feature exists in order to let companies promote their services and products via WhatsApp . From your desktop select three dots on the left-hand sidebar, and then select ” Catalog “.

After logging into WhatsApp Business on your PC You can continue sending and receiving messages, even without the internet. Additionally, you can join your WhatsApp account on four devices simultaneously. For instance, if you manage a customer support team, you can have everyone working at the same time using the same phone number.


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