Can I restore Android Data after Factory Reset?

Can I restore Android Data after Factory Reset?

How to Recover My Android Data After It Has Been Formatted? – There are a variety of circumstances under which people choose to reset their android device to factory settings. Most of the time, they do it when their memory is full, when the performance of the device becomes slow because of many applications, when there is some issue with the phone related to malware, or when people are selling it or giving it away to someone else.

The term “factory reset” is used because a factory reset is designed so that every time a user performs a reset, all of the data and settings on that user’s phone are deleted. This returns the phone to the state it was when it first emerged from the manufacturing facility, giving rise to the term “factory reset.”

How to Perform an Initial Factory Reset to Default

Simply navigating to the Settings menu on an Android device is all that is required to perform a factory reset navigate to the System settings menu, where you will find an option labeled Advanced. There is an option labeled reset within the section, and to perform a factory reset, you will need to select that option. Always make a backup of your important data before performing a factory reset, including your contacts, music, and anything else you consider important.

Is It Possible to Recover Data Following a Factory Reset?

Even after a factory reset, it is possible to retrieve lost data from an Android device. This is a significant matter because it may assist those who have misplaced something significant and because it may cause problems for those who have performed a factory reset to keep their data secure.

You can recover the data deleted from your mobile phone using various tools and software programs that are readily available. Finding them on the internet, downloading them, and putting them to use to recover deleted data from a mobile phone are the only steps required.

Android Devices Have Their Built-in Encryption

Before Android released version 6.0 of their operating system, Marshmallow, Android phones did not come with encryption by default. To prevent previously recovered data from being accessed directly after a factory reset, it was necessary to back everything up first.

Since the Marshmallow 6.0 update, the phone comes with encryption that has already been enabled. This means that even if you can retrieve the data from your phone, you will not be able to access it directly without first going through the encryption process.

Cloud Backup

Another important topic for your consideration is cloud backup. These days, the vast majority of mobile devices automatically synchronize key information with Google Drive, from which you can retrieve it on a new device or even your older one, even after performing a factory reset, by simply logging into your Google account.

Cloud backups, such as Google Drive, do not, however, come with the assurance that they are completely secure. It is the antithesis of risk-free. Because there have been numerous instances of people’s cloud storage being hacked and their data being stolen, you should always remember to store only data that is not particularly important on your Google cloud storage.


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