Security tips to keep your phone secure [Smartphone safety tips]

One thing to take seriously these days is the security of our phones, as they contain crucial information that we might not want the public to see. We have so much information, such as private chats with friends and family, business transactions, family functions, and personal notes to ourselves. To remain safe with your phone, […]

The To-Do List for Buying a New Smartphone

That excitement that comes with owning a new smartphone must be on your face right now. Congratulations on your new purchase. List of things to do with your new smartphone 1.Examine the device: Aside from looking at the new box of phones, you need to look at the accessories that are in the box. Often […]

5 applications for outdated Android and iOS devices

With smartphones and tablets routinely going on sale, you may find yourself with an additional Android and iOS gadget that isn’t being used. Rather than letting that spare Android or iOS tablet or smartphone sit in your drawer, here are five unique applications for it. AN EBOOK I have a Nexus 7 (2013), which has […]

Samsung phones And Smart watches

There are a lot of different smart watches on the market these days. So, if you are a Samsung phone user, which one should you buy? To start with, there are the Apple Watches. The first generation Apple Watch is a bit dated now, so if you can afford it, it might be worth considering […]

Alcatel Go Flip 4 Full Specification, Features & Review

Alcatel Go Flip 4 Full Specification, Features & Review: In September 2021, Alcatel Go Flip 4 was introduced. The flip phone’s user interface is incredibly straightforward. Since this vintage phone unquestionably has its own charm, we appreciate that it isn’t attempting to compete with contemporary Android or iOS devices. Alcatel Go Flip 4, which has […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: In order to improve the software environment for Android smartwatches, Samsung and Google joined forces. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which run the newly created Wear OS, are the end result. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is for those who […]

The MMC and SD Flash Memory Cards

MMC and SD Flash Memory Cards – Because flash memory is available in such a wide variety of formats, it can be challenging to determine which of those formats is compatible with a given device. Flash memory can be used to increase the storage capacity of electronic devices such as MP3 players, personal digital assistants […]

How to Block Text Messages or SMS on an Android or iPhone

How to Block Text Messages or SMS on an Android or iPhone – Typically, when we look up how to block SMS or text messages on our phones; iPhones or Android, it’s because someone is constantly bothering us. Block text messages or SMS on iPhone and Android Fortunately, all phones have a spam filter or […]

Smartphone: The Biggest upgrades on iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 11

Is there anything that the iPhone 14 might have that the iPhone 11 does not? You might be considering upgrading to the iPhone 14 when it comes out this autumn if your iPhone 11 is starting to seem a bit antiquated. What can we anticipate from the forthcoming iPhone 14, and how does it compare to […]