Cleaning and Caring for your headphones and earbuds

We have had several discussions concerning hygiene, and this is no exception to the things we wear on our bodies. Headphones and earbuds Collect lots of dirt, which distorts the sounds if not properly taken care of. 

Methods of cleaning and caring for headphones and earbuds

While the headphones are turned off, ensure to clean them with soap and warm water at least once a week. With the help of a soft brush, clean the inside to remove dirt. For earphones, take them off the earbuds and clean out any ear wax. 

Advisedly, keeping your device in a case or bag when not in use is good. It helps to protect them from scratches and dirt. It is also important to note that your devices are to be kept at moderate temperatures. In cold temperatures, you can keep the silica gel handy and away from the reach of children. 

While unplugging your devices, you should be careful not to pull the cable, as it can weaken the cable inside and affect the function of the headphones and earbuds.

Conclusively, ensure you wrap the cable around your figures to make a circular shape, if the cable is not properly wrapped, it will affect the cable, which will cause damage to the device. 




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