How to Clear Telegram Cache iOS/iPadOS/Mac

How to Clear Telegram Cache iOS/iPadOS/Mac – Other than WhatsApp that is been thought to be the most popular messaging app, there is a stack rival to whatsapp called Telegram. Its recommended you read this Telegram deactivate usernames from inactive channels before proceeding the tutorial on How to Clear Telegram Cache.

How to Clear Telegram Cache on iPhone/iPad

Open Telegram, tap the “Settings” tab and go to Data & Storage >> Storage Usage . Choose “Clear Telegram Cache” and select “Clear” to remove all cached files. Also, uncheck the kinds that you do not want to erase (like videos or images) and then select “Clear”.

It is clear that over this choice is a slider which allows users to select the size of your cache. If older media exceed this size the media will be removed.

You have the option of choosing between four choices: 5GB, 32GB, 16GB or unlimited. Telegram informs you that the files remain on the cloud which means you are able to download them again if you’d like.

How to Clear Telegram on Mac

When you have Telegram opened, select the settings tab. Go to

Telegram >> Preferences…

(in on the menu bar) or you can use the shortcut

. Then go to

Data & Storage >> Storage Usage

and then select “Clear All”. Then, confirm the action once more.

In addition, you may also use the slider to select the cache size that you want to use.




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