Compaq Presario RAM | Review | Why Compaq Presario was Discontinued?

Compaq Presario RAM | Review | Why Compaq Presario was Discontinued?

compaq presario – Consumer desktop and notebook computers from Compaq’s Presario line have been discontinued. In September 1993, the Presario family of computers was released. Midway through the 1990s, Compaq started producing PC monitors under the Presario name.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Compaq—officially known as Compaq Computer Corporation—became the most popular personal computer brand in the world. Compaq began as the first manufacturer of portable computers that were IBM compatible. Hewlett-Packard Company purchased Compaq in 2002.

Who makes Compaq Presario laptops?

One of the top computer manufacturers is Compaq Computer Corporation. It was founded in 1982 by Rod Canion and his two Texas Instruments partners and is now a brand of Hewlett Packard Inc.


Where is the hard drive in a Compaq Presario tower?

Similar configurations apply to laptops; the hard drive is typically found hidden beneath a panel on the bottom of the case.

How do I remove the harddrive from my Compaq Presario 1200?

The four Torx T-8 screws holding the hard drive in place should be removed. Remove the ribbon cable from the hard drive by gently lifting it up a few inches. The four Torx T-8 screws holding the hard drive to its bracket must be removed. Disconnect the hard drive’s bracket.

Is Compaq Presario a good laptop?

When it comes to workmanship, there is not much to be upset about. Most material transitions and case edges are manufactured smoothly and flawlessly, with a few gaps that could be more regularly spaced. Given that the Compaq Presario CQ57 is among the most reasonably priced 15-inch laptops, the features it offers are exceptional.

In 2002, Hewlett-Packard paid $24.2 billion to buy the company. Compaq products were rebranded as part of a new line of lower-end HP computers, and the Compaq brand was dropped in 2013.

What is the RAM of Compaq?

The amount of memory (RAM) in a Compaq laptop is 2 GB DDR3 RAM.

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