How to compress a PDF file Online

How to compress a PDF file Online – You can reduce the file size of PDF files without installing any programs on your computer or mobile device. You can reduce the file size if you have to send large and complex documents. This feature is useful when attachments can be uploaded to websites, emails or messengers within a certain limit. It can be done using the following tools: smallPDF, I love PDF and PDF Compressor. Do you know How to convert Word .doc to PDF in 1min learn to do so in case you might need later.

1. SmallPDF

  1. Go to The official SmallPDF page in your browser. Scroll down until the most commonly used tools appears. Next, select “Compress pdf”.
  2. Upload the file you want to reduce in size.
  3. Drag the file onto the page. Or click “Choose” and choose the document to be compressed.
  4. Do the compression
    Click on ” Basic compression” to access the free option. Then click ” Choose option“. “Strong compression” will only be valid if you have a Pro plan.
  5. Download
    After compressing the document click on ” Download” on the right side.

SmallPDF claims that it can reduce scans to 144dpi. This is a great size for uploading files via the internet and email. Upload files directly from your computer or from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Because PDFs are almost always used as working documents, it is natural to worry about what happens to them later. According to the website, they will be permanently deleted from the server within an hour of compression. No one will have access to them with privacy assured.

According to SmallPDF, you can compress up to 2 documents per hour using any of the online tools. This includes all site features and not just PDF compression. to get a free. You can learn more by signing up for a SmallPDF Pro Plan. There are many tools available. The Pro plan includes batch processing.

To reduce the size of offline files, there is also SmallPDF Desktop. Although the app is free to download, it does have a limited time period for testing. All tools will be free during the trial period. The application will still be free to read PDF documents. Other tools will require a Pro subscription.

2. I love PDF

I love PDF is another option. This allows you to choose the compression level (extremely, recommended and low), changes the number of dots per inch(dpi) and offers additional security features. You can also file share using the cloud. SmallPDF’s file upload and compression process works similarly to SmallPDF.

3. PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor offers similar services, allowing you to download up to 20 PDF files simultaneously. You can then download each file individually, or all at once, depending on your preference. This will preserve print quality.

You may be interested in commercial use of web applications. Please read carefully the privacy policies of each app on upload, storage, and group licenses.


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