How to Connect Samsung Galaxy A12 to TV

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy A12 to TV

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy A12 to TV – Is the screen too small? Then just connect your Galaxy phone to the TV. It streams much better in large format anyway. A certain distance from the TV is good for you.
There’s really no reason to watch videos or Netflix on your tiny phone screen. The fact is that you can easily throw the content of your smartphone on the TV screen in a decent size. All you have to do is connect your Samsung phone to the TV. This not only works with the latest devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the current Galaxy S21. Older models can do this too. The highlight is that you have very different options for connecting your smartphone and smart TV.

Connect Samsung Galaxy A12 to TV: Which TV do you have?

First of all, the status quo: Do ​​you only have a Samsung smartphone, but a television from another manufacturer? Or do you also have a Samsung TV that you want to duplicate your smartphone screen with? There are several ways to connect your Samsung phone to the TV and get you there.

Cast from Samsung Galaxy A12 to Samsung TV

You own both a Samsung cell phone and a TV set from the same manufacturer. Then you can use the Screen Mirroring function or the Smart View app. While the former is exclusive to Samsung mobile devices, the app can also be used via iOS.

#1: What is Screen Mirroring?

With the help of screen mirroring, you can connect your Samsung phone to the TV without using a cable.

Note: Not all Samsung phones or TVs from the manufacturer support this feature. If you cannot find the following menu items, the function is probably not available to you. If you also have a Smart TV from the N/Q series (2018), M/Q series (2017) or K series (2016), simply skip the first two steps. Screen mirroring is permanently active on these devices.

How to use Samsung Screen Mirroring :

Press the Source button on your remote.
Select and confirm the “Screen Mirroring” option. Your Samsung TV is now ready.
From the top edge of your Samsung phone, pull down the notification bar. You will now find the Screen Mirroring function (older Samsung devices) or Smart View (not to be confused with the app) here.

Note: If you can’t find the feature at first glance, you can either find it on the next Quick Settings page (swipe left), or search for it directly using the existing search bar.

Tap the icon to activate the feature. If you tap on it again, it will be deactivated again.
After your smartphone has searched for available smart TVs (there should be no more than five meters between the phone and the TV), it lists the devices found. Select yours to connect your Samsung phone to the TV.
After the confirmation of the TV device, the connection is established and the complete screen of your mobile phone is shown on it.

#2: What is Samsung Smart View?

Samsung’s Smart View is an app that allows you to cast multimedia content from your Samsung smartphone to your Samsung TV. At the same time, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control. You can find the application either directly in the Samsung Galaxy Apps, in the Google Play Store, in the Apple App Store or as a download for Windows.

How to use Smart View :

  • Connect your smartphone and Samsung TV to the same network.
  • Download the Smart View app.
  • Launch the app and follow the steps to set it up.

Connect the Samsung Galaxy A12 to another TV

If you don’t have a Samsung TV, there are other solutions. For example, you can cast your phone to your TV using the Chromecast

Another tool is Samsung’s DeX station, a docking station for your phone. It can be permanently installed on the television and offers you a LAN port in addition to two USB ports. Also, while your Samsung phone connects to the TV, it will charge at the same time.

Simply position your smartphone on the DeX station and mirror your display onto the TV. You either use the mobile phone as a touchpad or connect a mouse for operation.

#2 Miracast for Android

As a counterpart to Apple’s AirPlay, Android devices, and thus your Samsung cell phone, use the open source Miracast protocol. All you need is a compatible TV. As long as it is WiFi-enabled, there shouldn’t be a problem.

You can find the Miracast option in your smartphone’s system settings, but in different places depending on the manufacturer.

Screen settings or WiFi menu

Often referred to as “wireless screen sharing”, “wireless transfer” or “screen sharing”.
If you don’t find the right setting, you can simply google your Samsung model.

Connecting your Samsung phone to the TV is done in no time. You can either link both devices directly via their TV and mobile phone settings, provided your complete equipment comes from Samsung. Or you use tools such as apps, docking stations or the Google Chromecast.


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