How do I create an Amazon account? Step by step instructions

How do I create an Amazon account? Step by step instructions

How do I create an Amazon account? Step-by-step instructions In just over two years, Amazon significantly increased its share of the Brazilian market, generating around Prime Video, and Amazon Music Prime. Amazon Prime also offers free access to more than 1,000 books per month through Prime Reading, and game loot with Prime Gaming at no additional charge.

  • Amazon Brazil: cumulative coupons allowed free shopping;

This article will show you how to create and customize an Amazon account. The tutorial is below.

How to set up an Amazon account

1. Register

Step 1. On the Homepage hover over “Accounts and Lists”, and then select “Start Here”.

Step 1. (Source: Amazon/Reproduction)Source: Amazon

Step 2 Fill in your name, email, and password fields and click “Verify email”.

Step 3: Redeem the verification code in your email and then enter it into the marked field. To continue, select “Create Your Amazon account”

Personalize your account

Step 4 You will be redirected to the homepage. Click again on “Accounts and Lists”, and then select “Your Account”.

Step 5: Select the “Your Account”, page and choose the “Addresses”, option to add addresses for delivery of gifts or orders.

2. Add a delivery address

Step 6: Select the box labelled “+Add Address” from the “Your Addresses” page.

Step 7: You will be directed to a page where you must fill in your details.

Step 8: At the bottom of this page, click the box “Make it my default address” – if you have this option — to simplify purchasing. To continue, check the data and click “Save address”.

Step 9: After you have registered your address, return to “Your account” to complete the payment information.

3. Add a payment method

Step 10: In the menu “Your Account”, choose the option “Your Payments” to register credit or debit cards.

Step 11: Select the payment method that you wish to add to the wallet.

Step 12: When you register cards, a box with a form will appear on your screen.

Step 13 Before you make your first purchase on Amazon, Amazon will request your CPF. Once you have confirmed your data, your registration is complete.

Amazon Prime

Amazon subscriptions offer many benefits. These include shopping on Amazon and entertainment options. For as little as 30 days, Prime Access can be tried for free. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Page.
  • Choose the “Free 30-day trial”.
  • Select one of the subscription options (monthly or yearly) and then fill out the payment details.

Attention! Attention! The subscription will automatically renew. Please pay attention to the expiration date before cancelling.


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