How do I create a disk partition on a SSD or HDD in Windows 11?

How do I create a disk partition on a SSD or HDD in Windows 11?

How do I create a disk partition on a SSD or HDD in Windows 11? Partitioning your hard drive ( Hard Disk Drive or SSD) is a great way to manage your Windows 11 computer’s data. This allows you to separate one large drive and create multiple drives. You can create more divisions, the larger the drive’s capacity.

You can also reset your computer if your operating system (OS), is on another drive. For example, you can save all data – just format the drive that contains the OS. You can also prevent your computer from slowing down by downloading games and programs to different partitions.

These partitions in Windows are known as Drives. They usually have a letter attached to them as an indicator. These “fragments” can be created or resized using an operating system tool. 

How do I create a new partition in my SSD/HDD?

1. To open the search menu, click the Windows key on the keyboard. Enter “disk partitions” in the search box and choose ” Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions “.

2. Open the Disk Management window to see information about existing drives and partitions. There are two options: sort by volume or by disk. “Disk X” is the number of storage drives that you have.

3. You must have unallocated space before you create a new partition. This means that you need to reduce the drive’s size. Windows 11 defaults to reducing the amount of memory available on your hard drive.

Select the “Unallocated” box (it will display a pattern of diagonal lines), and then right-click to select ” Simple Volume “.

4. The Simple Partition Wizard opens. If you wish to create a new drive using all of the available space, keep the default settings in the “Specify partition Volume” step. If you wish to use some of the unallocated space for another partition, you can change the numbers.

5. Next, select the letter that you wish to associate with the new partition and give it a name. This is where we create the “Reserva”, a fragment linked to the letter Z.

6. Review the information about the partition that you have created and then click ” Finish“. In the Disk Management window, you will see the new drive.

It is recommended to create at minimum 3 partitions on the hard drive. One for your operating systems, one for programs like software, games, and one file. It is important to keep your OS on a drive that has a minimum of 120-150GB.


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