How to Disable App Store Notifications iOS/iPadOS

The App Store is the gateway to the millions of apps and games available in the Apple ecosystem. It’s also where you can enjoy Apple Arcade , manage your subscriptions , and even redeem a gift card or code. Will you love to read How to add subtitles to videos on iOS/iPadOS before learning How to Disable App Store Notifications iOS/iPadOS

Well, if you’ve already received any notifications from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, know that you can turn them off in a very easy way.

By the App Store

Open the App Store, tap your photo (at the top right) and go to “Notifications”. Then, uncheck one or both of the options shown: “New features and updates” and “Recommendations and offers”.

In Settings

Open Settings, tap “Notifications” and then “App Store”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “App Store Notification Settings”. Then choose the options you want to keep or disable.


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