Find my device: Use “Find My iPhone” to Locate Misplaced Devices.

Find my device: Use “Find My iPhone” to Locate Misplaced Devices.

Find my device: Use “Find My iPhone” to Locate Misplaced Devices If you have children, you have undoubtedly overheard them whine about not being able to find one of their Apple devices at some point. iPhones, iPods, and iPads going missing seem to happen frequently. For finding lost devices, the Find My iPhone app is beneficial.

You’ve probably read news reports about people using it to find stolen iPhones. There are practical uses for the app in addition to the great news stories about police apprehending an unaware thief and recovering a stolen iPhone. An iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer that has been misplaced in your home can be found using this tool.

Configure Your Device

You must set up an iPhone to track it before it goes missing. You won’t be able to search for a device if this feature is not enabled. Navigate to Settings and choose iCloud to allow the quality.

Enter your Apple ID and password to activate iCloud if you are not already logged in. Set the Find My iPhone slider to the ON position once iCloud is turned on.

Make sure Find My iPhone is turned on for all of your children’s devices. When turning on iCloud on each device, you should use distinct Apple IDs for each child.

Install the App

The next step is downloading the Find My iPhone app from the App Store after all the devices have been configured. You will use it to find missing devices when they are lost. Open the App Store on your device, select the Search option at the bottom of the screen, and type the app’s name into the search bar to start the download process.

You can download it to your device by tapping the “FREE” button and then “INSTALL APP.” It will automatically download to your device and be available for use after you enter your password.

Deploying the App

The following time your kid whines about losing their phone, open the Find My iPhone app and log them in using their Apple ID and password. You will search all the devices linked to that Apple ID. Any on and connected to the Internet devices will be visible on a map. You will see a screen with the following options when you select the lost device from the list of devices: Play Sound, Lost Mode or Lock, and Erase iPhone.

Play audio

If you tap the Play Sound button, the missing device will begin playing a bingeing sound. You will play two minutes of sound at maximum volume. You are finding that accidentally misplaced iPod or missing iPhone is made much easier with the help of this. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can find a lost item by simply listening to the sound. The sound will still play even if you set the device to mute. The sound will start playing the next time the device is online if it is not currently online.

Locked or Lost Mode

If the device is running iOS 6, the Lost Mode option will be available. The opportunity to lock the device will be available on iOS 5 devices. Both solutions work by remotely locking a lost device to keep people from using it. A passcode you must enter to unlock the device will be requested of you. You can follow the device’s movement using Lost Mode. If the device is found, you can also set a message to display on the lock screen with your contact information.

Disable iPhone

Using this option, you can remotely delete all personal data from the lost device. You will delete the data the next time the device is online if it is not currently connected to the Internet.

Using the Online Tool

There is a web-based tool that you can use in place of the app to find a lost device. Visit in any web browser on a computer and log in with the Apple ID and password assigned to the missing device. The standalone app and the web-based tool both perform very similar tasks.


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