How to format an Android tablet

How to format an Android tablet

How to format an Android tablet – Your device might experience some problems. In this guide we will show you how to format your Android tablet; steps will help to wipe everything and reset the device to its factory settings.

Prior to a factory reset, be sure to backup all of your data. When you perform a factory reset, your Google Authenticator files will be lost well.

First, turn off two-factor authentication; otherwise, your device might experience issues in the future. If a factory reset does not work or does not help you solve your problems.

There is a possibility that there is a hardware issue with your device. You can get a replacement or repair from the service center if your product is still covered by warranty.

You will undoubtedly lose every piece of data on your tablet if you format it. Therefore, it is preferable to backup, sync, or save your data beforehand.

How to reset Android tablet

1. First, launch your phone’s Settings app.

2. Select the “Backup and reset” option by tapping it as you scroll down the screen.

3. Choose “Factory Data Reset” and click “RESET DEVICE” at the bottom of the new page.

4. The device will be cleared of all data resetting a tablet to factory settings

Initially, confirm that your device is completely off.

To start it in recovery mode, press and hold the relevant keys.

Depending on the device, it might change.

Since different manufacturers use different key combinations for Recovery Mode.

Here is how

Down volume + On


volume up plus ON


Volume up + Off + Volume down

Release the buttons once the device is turned on. The image of an Android will be displayed with a red triangle. To navigate the menus and find ” Recovery Mode “, press the up and down volume keys. Pressing the Power button will restart the device in recovery mode.

Hold down the Power button while pressing “Volume Up.” The Android recovery menu will appear at the top of the screen.

Select “Delete data or perform a factory reset.” To activate, hold down the Power button while using the Volume keys.

Using the Volume and Power buttons, choose “Yes – Wipe All Data.”

By erasing all of your data, it will return your device to its previous state.

Press and hold the Power button to restart your device if it freezes.


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