Guide on How to use Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

Guide on How to use Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

Guide on How to use Google Calendar on Apple Watch? – Google Calendar is a simple application that allows you to add all your events and reminders. Keeping track of your schedule and upcoming events is difficult, but Google calendar makes it much more straightforward. You can add all forthcoming meetings, events, and programs to the app, which will send you timely reminders. Google Calendar is accessible across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. There is no official Google Calendar app on Apple Watch compatible with iOS. To receive Google Calendar alerts on your watch, you must sync your Google account with an iPhone paired with your Apple Watch.

Google Calendar is a comprehensive calendar application. If you receive an email about an upcoming event or meeting, the app will add it automatically and provide you with real-time event notifications. There is no risk of data loss when using Google Calendar, as this app automatically backs up all your events and calendars to your Google account. Therefore, you can access it across all of your devices using your Google account.

How to integrate Google Calendar with Apple Watch

Apple Watch cannot install or access the Google Calendar application. Alternatively, you can sync your Google Calendar with Apple on a paired iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone, then open the settings application.

#1: Unlock your iPhone, and then go to the app store and download the settings.

#2: Select Passwords and Accounts.

#3: The next screen will display a list of your iPhone accounts; tap Add Account at the bottom.

#4: Then, choose the Google option.

#5: Click continues from the prompt that states Settings want to use to login.

#6: Enter your Email address and Password in the appropriate text box, and click Next.

#7: Select Google apps to sync with your iPhone. Syncing occurs automatically for the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps by default. Otherwise, tap the switch to activate it.

#8: Now, open the Calendar app and see all the Google calendar events in the iPhone calendar app.

#9: If changes are made to the built-in apps on a paired iPhone, you will reflect the same on the Apple Watch.


Add your Google account to your iPhone, and your Google Calendar events will sync automatically with Apple Calendar. It is the only way to receive all Google Calendar app notifications on Apple Watch. Google Calendar will protect your privacy if you wish to host or organize a secret meeting by hiding events and agendas from public view. This trick is compatible with all Apple Watch models (series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1).


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