How to add extensions to Microsoft Edge Browser

How to add extensions to Microsoft Edge Browser
How to add extensions to Microsoft Edge Browser – Microsoft Edge, like other browsers allows users to install plugins to enhance their online experience.

There are Extensions available for all occasions: work, study and entertainment. Microsoft Edge users don’t need to worry about not having access to these extensions daily. The browser supports extensions, and it is easy to add them. Learn how it works.

To ensure your digital security, it is crucial to verify the reliability and access permissions before you add it to your browser.

  1. Click on “Extensions”. Microsoft Edge is open. Click on “Settings & More” (the three dots icon at the top of the screen) and choose ” Extensions“.
  2. You can access the add-ons section Tap on ” Open Microsoft Edge add-ons “;
  3. Locate the add-on you are looking for To locate the plugin, type its name in the ” Search All Add-ons” box on the left side.
  4. Add the extension Next to the plugin, click on ” Get” and then tap on ” Extension“. 

How to remove a Microsoft Edge Extension

  1. Click on “Manage extensions” on the extension you want to remove
    Click on the Manage extension icon. 
  2. Select More actions next to the extension, Select remove.


Q. What is a Microsoft Edge extension?

A. A Microsoft Edge extension is a program that allows developers to modify or add features to Microsoft Edge. Extensions can improve a user’s browsing experience. It often provides a specific function that is relevant to a targeted audience. Hence it help to enhance functionality in Edge browsers.

Q. Are Microsoft Edge extensions safe?

Microsoft’s protections for extensions are weaker than Google’s protections at the Chrome Web Store.

Q.How do I check my Microsoft Edge extensions?

In Microsoft Edge, choose Extensions. They are located to the right side of your browser address bar. Note: If Extensions are not visible to the right side of your browser address bars, you can select Settings and More > Extensions. Open Microsoft Edge Extensions. Select the extension that you wish to add, and click Get.


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