Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro preorder information

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 preorders are now available. The new wearable, which was fully shown at the Samsung Unveiling, appears to be the very best Samsung watch ever, which is no small achievement considering how much we liked the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung has finally found its footing in the smartwatch market, as seen by the Galaxy Watch 5, which retails for $279 (or $329 for the LTE variant). The incremental improvements are still well appreciated even if there hasn’t been a significant change from the previous model, making this the most sought-after Galaxy watch to date. An improved battery life and a sapphire crystal glass display with greater durability are just two examples of the new features. The bottom curve has also been altered to fit your wrist more comfortably, and this change has the added advantage of improving the sensor readings.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an option worth considering for users who demand the most from their wearable. Samsung has completely embraced the idea, making this the first Galaxy Watch to be released with a Pro model. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro costs an expensive $449 ($499 with LTE), but it features a larger battery, a more robust build, and specific GPS abilities. For casual users, upgrading to Going Pro is not required, but smartwatch experts should give it serious thought.

The colours of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 include graphite, silver, sapphire, and pink gold, while the colours of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are either black titanium or grey titanium. The wearable has two variants, each of which has an IP68 rating and is water resistant up to 5ATM.

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are now being taken at a few stores, including AT&T and Amazon. All the information you require to protect your new Samsung smartwatch is provided below. (Don’t forget to look at our list to the top Samsung discount codes this week, too.)

How To Preorder Samsung Galaxy Watch

$240 off the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at Samsung! Direct preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are accepted from Samsung. You might receive up to $180 off a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 if you trade in an older smartwatch. Additionally, preorders come with a $50 Samsung credit for Tom’s Guide readers. Deal is available till August 26.

AT&T BOGO deal: $329 for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (LTE). Ordering the 40mm LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 costs $329 through AT&T. Right now, AT&T is running a sale where you can purchase two Samsung Galaxy Watch 5s for the price of one. The 44mm model samsung galay watch 5 is also now offering the same discount.

$279 for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 on Amazon.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is currently available for presale on Amazon for $279, which is the regular retail price. On August 26, the wearable is expected to debut. Also available for purchase and costing $309 is the 44mm version.


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