How to Change Sound Alert in Mail [iPhone, iPad and Mac]

How to Change New Message Sound in Mail [iPhone, iPad and Mac] – Apple lets you personalize the appearance of your Mac with many ways. For instance, you can select your default browser as well as change your wallpaper or screensaver for example. You may like to read How to change Mac alert sound Easily before proceeding to read How to Change New Message Sound in Mail [iPhone, iPad and Mac].

Another option to make your Mac look attractive is to alter the sound alert that are generated when you attempt to perform a task that isn’t allowed , or if your Mac requires your assistance or some information.

Find out, in the next line how you can alter this iOS sound!

Goto System Preferences, then click “Sound” and navigate to the “Sound Effects” tab.

. The default is selected at “Funky”, but you can select from 13 different options, including “Sonar” and “Breeze” as an example.

Once the decision is made, it’s not required to make any further changes since the choice will be saved immediately.




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