Ibotta App Download and Review

Ibotta App Download and Review

Theres a new way of earning cash back using Ibotta App Regardless of how much you normally spend on groceries, there are always ways to lower your cost. Earning cash back through a mobile app like Ibotta is one way to save money on groceries and other essentials over time. This means that when you use your Ibotta account to make a purchase, brands and retailers pay Ibotta a small commission.

Ibotta then pays you a portion of their commission as cash back. This is how they increase service usage and generate revenue. The app is completely free to use, and it allows you to save money on purchases while earning cash back in return. To earn cash back on eligible purchases, simply download the app or add the browser extension, claim offers, and shop as usual. Simple, right? 

So far, Ibotta has distributed over $860 million to users as cash back. To understand how this Ibotta app works, follow us as we walk you step by step through how to successfully download and use the app to make purchases. Let’s dive in!

What Is Ibotta App?

Ibotta is a mobile app and browser extension that lets you get cash back on groceries and other purchases. It functions similarly to coupon clipping and is available for free download and use. Ibotta began operations in 2012. The company’s website states that more than 35 million users have received cash rewards totaling more than $1 billion since then. 

Ibotta collaborates with more than 300 retail chains, including eateries, movie theaters, quick-service restaurants, home improvement retailers, pet specialty shops, pharmacies, and other companies. Ibotta is commonly associated with groceries, but you can also get cash back on non-groceries. Earning cash back through Ibotta is a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to save money on groceries or other purchases.

I guess you will be interested in this, first-time users can receive a $10 bonus just by signing up and using the promotional code PNIYKFM to redeem a brand name offer. If you already have an account, you are not qualified for a bonus. Who wouldn’t want a $10 bonus for doing nothing?

How To Get Started On Ibotta App (Ibotta App Download)

You must first create an account. You can download the iOS or Android app or register online. When you first register, you’ll be asked for your email address, a password, and some basic personal information such as your name and date of birth. You’ll be provided with the option of enabling notifications and location services. This allows Ibotta to determine which stores and offers are close to you and notify you when there is an offer.

Once you’ve logged in, you can select the stores where you frequently shop. Because Ibotta has agreements with over 300 retailers, you are likely to find a few shops and websites that are Ibotta partners. Walmart, Kroger, Target, Meijer, Aldi, and Amazon are among them. Remember to find and claim your offer before you visit the stores.

This will give you an idea of what is covered by cash back offers. You will be able to plan ahead and save time once you arrive at the store. If you know you’ll be going to the grocery store later, you can access the store in the Ibotta app and browse cash back offers. Interesting, right?

When you come across an offer for a product you want to buy, click the small plus sign symbol (to the right of the product photo) to add it to your list. Now you can make the purchase(s) after the offer is added to earn cash back. Here is a simpler way to earn cash back on both the Ibotta app and browser.

How To Earn Cashback Using Ibotta App

  • Download the Ibotta mobile App from Google playstore or Apple store
  • SIgn up on Ibotta App
  • Search for offers
  • Select the plus sign near the offers you want to redeem
  • Upload your receipt
  • Receive cashback

How To Earn Cashback Using Ibotta Browser Extension

  • Download the Ibotta web version (extension) using the Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Log in with your Ibotta account
  • Click on “Activate” when you see extension pop up
  • Start shopping online, remember to redeem your offers
  • Get cashback when you make a purchase

Use the Ibotta app to get cash back on groceries ordered online through services like Instacart, Shipt, or Walmart Grocery Pickup. When you shop online at stores like Macy’s, Ulta, Walgreens, and Staples, Ibotta notifies you when there is a cashback opportunity. It’s similar to having someone look for cashback while you go about your normal shopping. Make sure you have Ibotta notifications enabled on your mobile device and via email so you are always up to date on the latest offers.

You have seven days to upload your receipt to Ibotta. However, if you forget or lose your receipt, you will not be eligible for a rebate. There are no tricks or confusion involved in how you earn cashback using the Ibotta App. After adding offers to your Ibotta list, simply purchase the eligible item(s), provide proof of purchase, and earn cash back. 

If you have linked your store loyalty account to your Ibotta account, Ibotta will automatically pick up eligible purchases. That means you don’t have to do anything except buy eligible items and get cash back! If you don’t have a loyalty account at a store, you can manually upload receipts after you’ve made your purchase. Overtime, if your cashback balance is greater than $20, you can either get a gift card or cash back through PayPal or Venmo. As simple as that.

Points To Note About Ibotta Cash Back

First, make sure the items you’re purchasing are eligible for the offer you’ve requested. You can do this conveniently in-store by selecting the offer you want to redeem and using the app’s barcode scanner to scan the item.

Go to the “Redeem” tab in the Ibotta app after you’ve finished paying. After that, click the store’s name and take a picture of your receipt. When you scan your receipt, the app will check for any valid claims. When you redeem an offer, you should receive your cashback (if approved) within 24 hours. Furthermore, the Ibotta app will track how much money you earn. You can withdraw your money once you’ve earned $20. You can withdraw your earnings as a digital gift card or transfer them to your bank or PayPal account. If you choose to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, the money will be available immediately. Transferring money directly to your bank can take 1-3 working days.


Ibotta is a cash back app that gives you rewards for purchasing groceries and other necessities. It is a risk-free app that adheres to strict safety regulations and employs bank-level 256-bit encryption. Technically, Ibotta users have outperformed inflation by saving 1.6 times more on groceries than the rate of inflation so far. What are you still waiting for? You can download and install the app by searching for “Ibotta” in the app store’s search bar on your smartphone to enjoy their cash back when you sign up and make a purchase.


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