Innovative step for maternity health

Innovative step for maternity health

Maternity health, as we know, is a big deal for a mother and the baby. It is seen as a very sensitive period in which healthcare is to be taken seriously. Through a lack of adequate care, so many mothers have lost their pregnancies, and it has left them traumatized. It is in this regard that technologists have tried out innovations to keep mother and baby healthy. This innovation is basically to monitor the health of the mother, who is expecting her baby. Over time, the rate at which this innovative market has blossomed is alarming. 

Before wearable devices came to the market, there were online calculators used to monitor pregnancy, which were not so reliable, and there is a need to keep such apps updated day in and day out. 

Wearable signal technology for maternity health

This device plays an important role in medical technology. The device is autonomous, and it is a device such as a smartwatch that helps to monitor your fitness and health. All of these advances are to help the parent feel safe as they expect their baby to be in good health. Various pregnancy wearables can help expectant mothers monitor their health.

Wearable tools for pregnant women 


This has become the most common tool used to monitor pregnancy. With this device, parents can see and hear their baby in the womb whenever they want. The method by which this device works is through a smartphone app known as BleepBleeps. This app can record videos and even take graphics of the baby.


It is an innovative audio pregnancy belt. What a joy to behold when you imagine the steps of your unborn baby. This device plays music for the baby in the womb. Ritmo has a rechargeable battery that can last for 15 hours, and it can also be linked to musical devices such as MP3 players. There are four mini speakers to make the music go around the womb. 


This automatically monitors the snooze of the baby and, as well, helps the baby fall comfortably asleep. BleepsBleeps is also used for Ovulation testing and ultrasound scanners. 

Bellabeat shell

This is a wearable device, and it is free. It helps to increase and boost the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. This is secure, as it does not send any waves to the baby that might cause unrest for the mother.


It is advisable that, before using this device, you consult your doctor first to know if it is compatible with you. Elvie consists of a motion sensor that tracks muscle movements during exercises. It keeps the expectant mother informed about whether they are doing the right thing. 

Relief band

It is a wearable device that is worn on the wrist and provides relief from vomiting and nausea. This device makes your mornings stress-free and also prevents arduous travel. It was developed to be used in hospitals to fight nausea.


With the innovation of wearable technology, so many questions concerning pregnancy have been answered. This device has helped to relieve parents of so much anxiety that comes with pregnancy and keep their minds relaxed. So many pregnant women can be relieved of their fear if most communities can make these devices available for use. Although it may take time, it will be helpful if every pregnant woman has access to wearable devices. 





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