iPhone 14: Apple could release new AirPods Pro

iPhone 14: Apple could release new AirPods Pro – It was learnt from Apple is planning to launch an AirPods to be launched with iPhone 14, l recommend you read Introducing the iPhone 14 Pro – Everything To Know.

This information was previously a possibility, but it has now gained significant strength. Some news making around suggests Apple will unveil the second-generation AirPods Pro along with the “iPhone 14” and the “Apple Watch Series 8” on September 7 at an event.

AirPods Pro Features?

But what new features will the AirPods Pro bring? There are a lot of conflicting rumors, but it’s almost certain that we’ll see a chip update (likely the H2, which will enhance battery life and audio quality), a new charging case compatible with the Buscar app, upgrades to the earbuds’ ability to detect when they are worn in the ears, support for Bluetooth LE, connecting to multiple devices, and more.

The possibility of sensors connected to fitness tracking was mentioned in a rumor that used to be almost certain but has since lost some traction. Additionally, there was speculation that the second generation of AirPods would feature a new design without the iconic little leg, but this idea has also recently been ruled out. it is still unclear whether Apple will switch over to USB-C in this generation or the one after.


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