The To-Do List for Buying a New Smartphone

That excitement that comes with owning a new smartphone must be on your face right now. Congratulations on your new purchase.

List of things to do with your new smartphone

1.Examine the device: Aside from looking at the new box of phones, you need to look at the accessories that are in the box. Often times, people don’t get to look at other things aside from the new phone. Truth is other than the phone and its accessories, what you need to check out for is the product warranty. Ensure, your accessories are complete as the sellers can play smart by selling their accessories separately. don’t be caught unaware

2. Take a tour on your device: After purchasing your device from any online platform such as AliExpress, you should take a tour to know if the product is free from damage and if its accessories are complete as seen on the website. While exploring your smartphone device, check reviews of the product. In case of any damage, claim a replacement warranty from the site you purchase from

3. Ensure the device is charged: Just before you start playing around with your phone, ensure you charge it to give it some power. After charging the phone, you can now explore it as much as you want.

4. Connect to a wireless network: Your new device requires some installation, after charging it. Therefore, the need to connect to a WIFI connection is required to install and update the apps

5. Look for updates: Once you can connect to the WIFI, it is advisable to check for updates. Your smartphones should be kept up to date as some companies send important updates to add security to the device. Always check for updates.

6. Setup Google accounts: To install apps on your smartphones, a Google account is required. You must create a Google account to help you download apps. If you don’t have a Google account, you cannot access the play store which will deny or delay you until later.  Once, you have acquired your Google account, you are ready to go. Ensure you synchronize your information and also keep your Goggle password safe. Importantly, use a very secure password to protect your account. In securing your accounts, you can enable the Two-factor authentication

7. Unnecessary garbage should be cleaned up: Most of the junks are built-in and cannot be removed, although some can be removed by uninstalling them. You should get rid of the junk you do not need. 

8. Keep your device safe: You can secure your phone by managing the security of your phone by having a pin code, password, and a fingerprint sensor. The challenge the majority face during smartphone purchases is security.

9. Image Backup: Advisably, you should back up your photos to store all your pictures so that you can access them anytime and at any point. To keep your photos safe, you can install Google photos and set it up for unlimited storage. Other services such as iCloud or OneDrive store your photos and videos in the cloud.

10. Install a helpful application: If you are addicted to social media, now is the time for you to install useful apps on your new phone. The good thing is you can spend endless time surfing the store to install apps.

11. Check for Operating system: Upgrading the latest update of the operating systems is one of the methods after buying your smartphone.

12. Purchase a phone case: The reason you need a phone case is to protect your phone from falling accidentally. A screen protector will also be advisable to keep your phone from scratches


You must take the To Do list seriously while purchasing your phone in other for you to enjoy your smartphone.


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