Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Computer Wireless Mouse Full Spec

Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Computer Wireless Mouse: The Logitech M720 Triathlon multi-device mouse is a wireless mouse that uses Bluetooth or an included USB dongle to connect to multiple devices that include laptops, computers and even Android devices.

The Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse is a comfortable and functional mouse designed for users who frequently switch between different operating systems. It works with Chrome OS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows computers. The mouse can easily connect via Bluetooth technology or its unifying receiver and move across the screens of three Windows or Mac computers at once with the downloadable Logitech Options software. You can quickly determine which device you are currently connected to using the illuminated numbers. It has three thumb buttons, one of which is used to switch between operating systems, in addition to the standard left- and right-click buttons, and a scroll wheel that supports quick scrolling. Additionally, it runs on a single AA battery that, depending on usage, can last up to 24 months.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Spec

Sensor TypeOptical
Scroll TypeScroll Wheel
Number of Buttons8
Mouse Hand OrientationRight
LED IlluminationNone
Full-Functionality OS SupportMac, Windows, Chrome OS, Android
ConnectorUSB Type-A
Wireless Connectivity2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth
Wireless Range32.8′ / 10 m
Battery Requirements1 x AA
Maximum Battery Life2 Years
LED IndicatorConnection
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.5 x 2.9 x 2.0″ / 114.3 x 73.7 x 50.8 mm
Weight5 oz / 141.75 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.385 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)7.45 x 4.75 x 2.75″

Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Features

The M720 has a dark gray casing with a soft touch grippy feel and appears to be an ordinary wireless mouse.

Take note of the mouse’s shape. Due to the contoured thumb area on the left side, this mouse may feel awkward to use with a left hand if you’re a lefty who won’t or can’t operate a mouse with your right. I’m a lefty, but I always operate mice with my right hand, so I had no problems using the M720.

Three buttons are located above the thumb rest on the left side of the mouse. The three paired devices are switched between by the rear button, which is the front-most button. To indicate which device it is set to, the numbers above the device switch button illuminate.
The mouse’s right edge is button-free and plain.

The mouse’s back is attractively shaped to fit naturally in the palm of your hand.
A scroll wheel sits in the middle of the left and right mouse buttons on the M720. If you press the button behind the scroll wheel, it spins quickly and smoothly while maintaining a nice ratcheted feel. It’s no joke when Logitech refers to this as a “hyper-fast scroll wheel.” If you frequently scroll through lengthy websites like Pinterest and Facebook, it comes in really handy.

The mouse’s battery compartment and power switch are located at the bottom. the Logitech M720 mouse will function for One AA battery. Additionally, the mouse comes with a battery as well and can last up to two years.
Using a mouse with an Android device is really cool because it displays an arrow cursor on the screen that you can move around like you would on a regular computer. In essence, when you pair a mouse and a keyboard with it, it transforms your Android smartphone into a minicomputer.

Top 5 Fact to Consider Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M720

  • This mouse’s navigation is incredibly accurate and precise.
  • You would enjoy using this mouse to scroll at a fast rate.
  • Possess both Logitech Unifying receiver and Bluetooth connectivity.
    Because of the mouse’s amazing shape, which perfectly fits the hands, you can work effectively and comfortably for extended periods of time.
  • Technology Flow Support for this mouse adds a fantastic feature for multitasking across multiple devices. For instance, you can copy and paste using the M720 by Logitech Flow support from one device to another.
  • Quickly changes between devices once connected.

How To Pair Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M720

First, activate the Bluetooth device. Press and hold the button on the bottom of the Logitech M720 mouse. Flashing of the LED lights will start.

Step 2: On your computer, locate the Logitech M720 Bluetooth device. Check if Bluetooth is turned on by going to Settings>Bluetooth.

Step 3: Press the mouse’s button and wait for the LED lights to stop flashing before continuing.

Step 4: Your computer and the Logitech M720 Bluetooth device are now paired. The mouse is now available everywhere.

How to Resync Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse

The first step is to turn on your mouse and wait for your computer to recognize it.

Step 2: Press the mouse’s “pairing” button if it hasn’t already been connected to your computer. As soon as your mouse and computer are in Bluetooth range, the pairing process will start automatically.

Step 3: Hold off until the mouse’s light turns blue. This indicates that the mouse and computer are now paired.

Step 4: Open your computer’s device manager and select “Bluetooth devices.”

Step 5: Click “Properties” after selecting “Logitech M720.”

In step 6, select “Pairing.”

Step 7: A message will appear on your computer’s screen if the pairing is successful.

Step 8: Return to step 2 and try again if you are having trouble pairing your mouse.

How to Connect Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Into Pairing Mode

If you are unable to find the Connect button, you can visit the manufacturer’s website or the user manual for the specific mouse model. The bottom of some Logitech wireless mice houses a Channel button. By pressing the Channel button, you can choose a channel before connecting your wireless mouse to the wireless receiver.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Review

There are two things you should be aware of regarding the Logitech M720 Bluetooth Mouse. They are Bluetooth-enabled and wireless, respectively. There are numerous combinations you can make with them, though. The Logitech Harmony app is the most widely used method of pairing them. Both iOS and Android users can download this application. There is another method to pair them, though, and it does not involve any of the apps.

The Logitech M720 weighs 135 g, AA battery included. This amount of weight could be compared to a heavy mouse. Using a mouse of this weight would feel comfortable for experienced users. It might feel heavy, though, if you play first-person shooter games and want a light mouse.



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