How long does it take google to Crawl your website

How long does it take google to Crawl your website

You have set up a new website and also connected it to google search console, after verifying it through the various ways provided by google, but google has not indexed your website yet. That is why you have come to this page to know “how long it takes google to crawl your website“. Google built a robot that automatically comes to your website to crawl all pages after you make a post so that it appears on googles search engine. Google robots comes to your website after you have completed the following:

The Steps Google take to crawl website

Firstly, you will register your website property on google search console to enable google crawl your website pages. The requirement for this is simple. After you select which property to use either direct domain property or through URL prefix, google will still ask you to verify your website before it can crawl your website. If you are going through the Domain property route you will need to modify your domain name AA record which can be done from your server side. Like wise using the URL Prefix you will need to verify your website with the various options provided by google. These options are:

  • HTML file
  • HTML tag
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Domain name provider and
  • Google Analytics

You will need to ensure that you are making use of a third party plugin that will generate your sitemap for your website. This third party plugin will generate your sitemap which you will add in the sitemap area provided in google search console.

Crawl your website

Once your sitemap has been placed in the designated area in Google search console, and submitted, all submitted posts and pages in your website will appear google search console which will be indicated there. Then, google robots will come after a while and show you the post that has been discovered and indexed, posts that have been only discovered but not indexed.


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