How to make a verified Instagram Profile

How to make a verified Instagram Profile – Instagram allows requests to verified account. Instagram account with the verified blue tick badges shows they are authentic public figures, celebrities, brands, or other notable entities. Do you know What Is Spamming On Instagram, And Is It Really A Problem?.

An account must adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and other requirements in order to receive the verified badge.

Step by step, request verification on Instagram

It is easy to access the verification request forms.

  1. Click on the profile that you wish to verify
    Open Instagram, log in with the account that you wish to request the verification badge.
  2. Go to the settings menu
    To access the “Settings”, click on the icon with three dots in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the Request Verification button
    After opening the settings menu select “Account” and then “Request verification”.
  4. Complete the verification questionnaire
    Now it’s time for you to complete the form with all of your authenticity data. If you have a business account, you will need to provide your identification documents. You will also need to provide data to confirm your identity on the platform. You can also use these links to access materials that have been produced to improve your chances of approval.
  5. Finalize the process
    Once you have filled out all required information, click Send and wait for Instagram to respond.

The submission of a verification request doesn’t guarantee that your account will ever be verified. After your account has been reviewed, you will be notified via the “Notifications” tab. This notification will confirm or deny that it was verified. Instagram reminds users that they will not ask for payment to verify an account, or to confirm your order.

How to verify your Instagram account

The million-dollar question: What are the requirements?

The platform’s analysts will evaluate Instagram accounts for public interest to determine whether they meet the internal verification criteria. An account candidate for verification must be:

  1. Authentic: Must be a registered person, company, or entity.
  2. Exclusive: must not be the only presence of the person/company it represents.
  3. Complete: must have a profile photo, biography, and at least one posting.
  4. Notable: Must represent an established and well-researched person, brand, or entity. They explain that they review accounts appearing in news sources but do not consider promotional or paid content sources.
    *Instagram doesn’t specify a minimum number to be considered “notable”.

What your account cannot have

You cannot include links to other social media networks in your profile. Only one account per person/company can be verified. Language-specific accounts are not allowed. You can submit a second request if the original request is not granted within 30 days.

Instagram can remove your badge if you give false or misleading information during verification. Instagram does not verify general interests accounts such as @puppyvila.

Instagram could remove your badge or disable you account if:

  1. Advertise, transfer or even sell your badge (changing username).
  2. Promote other services by using your profile picture, bio, or name section.
  3. You tried to verify your account via a third party. The social network didn’t provide any details.

Instagram advises that even if your account does not earn a verified badge there are still other ways for people to know who you are. You can link your Instagram account with your official website, Facebook Page, YouTube, or Twitter account. However, this will not guarantee that your account is verified and linked to other social media.

Instagram does not recognize verified pages on Facebook

A verification badge on Facebook doesn’t imply immediate certification on Instagram. “Not all verified Facebook pages received the same badge for their Instagram accounts. Verified badges are only available to Instagram accounts that are most likely to be impersonated.


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