Did Marilyn Monroe ever Dated Cass Chaplin and Eddy Robinson Jr.?

Did Marilyn Monroe ever Dated Cass Chaplin and Eddy Robinson Jr.?

Did Marilyn Monroe ever Dated Cass Chaplin and Eddy Robinson Jr.? Netflix’s biographical movie, “Blonde”, opens up a window into the scandalous but also intimate life of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s friendship and love for Charlie Chaplin Jr. is one of the key storylines in the movie. The film tells a fictionalized story about one of the most famous numbers in the background. Customers may be curious to find out if Monroe had an affair with either Cass or Eddy.


According to some reports, Marilyn Monroe was present at an event with Cass Chaplin and Eddy Robinson Jr. Although most of her biographers don’t reveal much about Marilyn Monroe, Pulitzer Prize finalist Anthony Summers’ “Goddess” opens up a glimpse into the apparent relationship the actress had with the two stars. Summers’ publication claims that Monroe was introduced to Cass by his family after he brought her to his house for lunch in 1947. Cass confirmed such an associate in his book “My Father, Charlie Chaplin.”

Monroe impressed Cass’ father Charlie Chaplin. “Oh, she’s beautiful,’ Dad [Charlie Chaplin] used tell me. “What a figure!” “I appreciate your taste, child. Quite, Cass wrote in “My Father Charlie Chaplin.” Chaplin also warned his son about falling in love Monroe. “Just look out, kid,” he [Chaplin] said. “Don’t get too infatuated yet. Cass stated in his publication that you have to first learn and get educated. Summers’ book reveals that the boy was not a follower of his father’s advice. Several months of “enamoration” with Monroe had passed.

The book Summer seasons also gives a glimpse at Monroe and Cass’s relationship. Arthur James, a long-time friend of Chaplin’s, said that Marilyn would stay the evening with Charlie. He would have her cram into one bed while she slept in another. Bro Sydney was in the same room. The love was broken when Charlie returned home to find Marilyn in Sydney’s bunk. The author said that they remained good friends even after their separation.

There isn’t much evidence to support the claim that Monroe had an abortion. James asserted that Robinson was appeased by Marilyn because the two were friends, and James named Charlie Chaplin Jr., a former fan of Marilyn’s, as the other famous child. In “Goddess,” a novel by Summers.The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe.

Summers said, “The acquaintance became an affair throughout Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Robinson was nineteen when he began to chase older women. According to Robinson’s friend Arthur James and Nan Morris, Marilyn was one of them.” The apparent affair between Monroe and Eddy did not last long. Summers wrote that any passion for the Robinson event was quickly invested and resorted to friendship.

James claims that Marilyn was very close to Eddy and Cass Chaplin. It is not known if Marilyn Monroe, Eddy G Robinson and Cass Chaplin were as close as they appear to have been in the film.


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