MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo Whatsapp Data Plans

MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo Whatsapp Data Plans

The Whatsapp data plans for Airtel, 9mobile (Etisalat), Glo, and MTN are listed below. To view all subscription package codes and rates, scroll down.

To communicate with family and friends, do you desire unlimited WhatsApp data plans? Then you should read this article on You may pick from the list of WhatsApp data plans offered by Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, and MTN.

You must choose one from the list below if you are unable to subscribe to the standard data plans on your preferred network but still need to be online. This post will highlight the subscription codes for the following WhatsApp data plans: Airtel WhatsApp data plans, Glo WhatsApp data plans, 9mobile WhatsApp data plans, and MTN WhatsApp data plans.

Depending on your option, these plans are ideal for all mobile devices (Android and iOS) and function for WhatsApp without limitations for 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. Now let’s look at the list below to select your favorite plans and prices with different WhatsApp membership codes on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo.

The complete list of WhatsApp data plans, prices, and subscription codes for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile

Airtel WhatsApp Data Plan

With this plan, you may maintain contact with loved ones for 30 days without paying extra for data usage from your usual daily, weekly, or monthly Airtel internet plans. The following information regarding Airtel’s WhatsApp data packages;

Dial *948# to subscribe to the Airtel WhatsApp package, which costs $100.

(monthly plan) How to view the remaining WhatsApp data on Airtel to view the remaining data in your Airtel data bundle;

Dial » 1238# to view your data balance (“MB”) and the date by which it expires.

9mobile WhatsApp Data Bundles

The “9mobile Socialme Pak” gives you access to all of your social packs. You have access to virtually all of your social applications with this package (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BBM)

Subscription code for the 9mobile WhatsApp Bundle.

  • Dial 3435*5#; it costs 50 cents (daily plan)
  • Call *34356#; it costs 150. (weekly plan)
  • Dial 3435*7#; it will cost you $400. (monthly plan)
  • How to check the WhatsApp data balance on 9mobile
  • To check your WhatsApp data balance on 9mobile, enter *228#.

Please take note that if you recharge your 9Mobile line for $100, you will receive 10MB valid for seven days. IT MAY BE USED TO SURF ANY SITE. SEE 9MOBILE FAQS.

MTN WhatsApp Data Plans / Bundles

With the MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag, you can exchange content and converse endlessly on WhatsApp for as little as N25 per week and N60 per month.

Subscription code for the MTN WhatsApp Bundle.

Go to SMS on your phone, and then Pay 25 cents to text WAD to 131.

(valid for 1 day) WAW costs $50 when sent to 131.

(valid for 7 days) It costs $150 to text WAM to 131.

(valid for 30 days) MTN Betatalk customers:

The codes below, which are valid for both Facebook and WhatsApp, are designed specifically for users of the Betatalk pricing plan. Pay 25 cents to text ASD to 131. (valid for 1 day) WFW costs 50 cents to text to 131. (valid for 7 days) WFM is a $150 text message to 131. (valid for 30 days) to view the remaining data in your MTN data bundle; To check your data balance, dial « *559*25# (it will say “MB”).

Glo WhatsApp Data Plans / Bundles

While Glo does not offer a specific WhatsApp data bundle, you may choose from affordable data plans on the Glo network to stay connected to all of your social media applications.

You should freeze less critical WhatsApp accounts if the most crucial one is frozen.

Affordable Glo Plans That Work with WhatsApp For 22MB, enter *127*14#; the fee is N50 (Valid for 1 day) For 210MB, enter *127*56# and pay N200 (Valid for 4 days)


All of these are Nigeria’s networks’ WhatsApp data plans (excluding Glo as they currently do not have one at the moment). Given their affordability and ability to use other services outside WhatsApp, MTN’s WhatsApp data package looks to be the best (some folks claim it also powered Facebook messenger and 2go). Just make a good decision while choosing between the 9mobile and Airtel WhatsApp bundles. Regarding updates, corrections, ideas, or inclusions, please leave a remark. Thank you for visiting.


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