How much RAM (memory) does each iPhone have?

How much RAM (memory) does each iPhone have?

How much RAM (memory) does each iPhone have? – If there’s one thing Apple tries to “hide” during its presentations and iPhone specifications, it’s the amount of RAM. Will you love to read How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari.

The reason for this is not known for sure, but when it comes to iOS (which is known for having excellent management), it ends up not mattering that much if we compare it to other smartphones.

However, this information can end up being quite important. Listed below are various RAM for each iPhones.

Model RAM
iPhone 3G 128MB
iPhone 3GS 256MB
iPhone 4 512MB
iPhone 4s 512MB
iPhone 5 1GB
iPhone 5c 1GB
iPhone 5s 1GB
iPhone 6 1GB
iPhone 6 Plus 1GB
iPhone 6s 2GB
iPhone 6s Plus 2GB
iPhone SE (1st generation) 2GB
iPhone 7 2GB
iPhone 7 Plus 3GB
iPhone 8 2GB
iPhone 8 Plus 3GB
iPhone X 3GB
iPhone XS 4GB
iPhone XS Max 4GB
iPhone XR 3GB
iPhone 11 4GB
iPhone 11 Pro 4GB
iPhone 11 Pro Max 4GB
iPhone SE (2nd generation) 3GB
iPhone 12 mini 4GB
iPhone 12 4GB
iPhone 12 Pro 6GB
iPhone 12 Pro Max 6GB
iPhone 13 mini 4GB
iPhone 13 4GB
iPhone 13 Pro 6GB
iPhone 13 Pro Max 6GB
iPhone SE (3rd generation) 4GB


The latest iPhone models have LPDDR4X type memories, which have a higher transfer speed and lower consumption. Despite this, competitive models like the Zenfone 9 already use LPDDR5 type RAM. It is worth remembering that, according news making , the upcoming “iPhone 14 Pro” and “14 Pro Max” will receive such a RAM.


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