A patent filing has allegedly revealed the rumored new sensor for Apple Watch 8

A patent filing has allegedly revealed the rumored new sensor for Apple Watch 8

The function is “a go” for the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Pro versions of this year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, implying that the issue has been fixed. However, Gurman believes that the watch will only alert you to significant temperature fluctuations that would indicate a fever, allowing you to seek a second opinion from a doctor or thermometer. The resolution may merely be a veiled representation of the true data.

Additionally, it may be used to measure fertility, or perhaps even to assist sportsmen with rehabilitation. Furthermore, there is no knowing what other app developers may do with the technology if Apple makes the sensor available to developers.

According to the patent, a temperature probe can be used on “any appropriate surface, whether internal or external of the electronic device,” and is configured to produce a voltage in response to a temperature gradient between its first and second ends. Although the patent states that it may be used to gauge the temperature of internal parts, it also states that the exterior probe might be used to touch a “back surface, such as the rear crystal of a smart watch.” Because Apple describes the temperature sensor as “high-precision and high-accuracy,” it appears that it is also precise.

We now have the strongest clue yet that Apple will use a similar design when the Apple Watch 8 debuts next month after Samsung announced a (now inactive) temperature sensor for its upcoming Galaxy Watch 5.

This past week, MyHealthyApple discovered an Apple patent for “Temperature gradient detection in electronic devices” (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). Although it doesn’t officially name the Apple Watch 8, it does emphasise the technology’s potential use in smartwatches, and in fact, the single gadget shown in the schematics resembles an Apple Watch a lot.

The wrist has always proven to be a difficult nut to crack for precise temperature reading, so this is fantastic news. Indeed, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple tried to create a temperature sensor accurate enough for the Apple Watch 7 of last year, but the effort failed.

The challenge, according to Kuo, is that an entire body temperature measurement would need to be made using an algorithm because the wrist isn’t a very accurate location to do so. The sensor was allegedly abandoned for a further year in 2021 because, according to Kuo, the algorithm wasn’t trustworthy enough.

Apple will probably continue to try to add sensors to its wearables after this one. Along with the persistent reports about blood glucose monitoring, it was reported last year that Rockley Photonics, a company that creates mobile sensors for monitoring anything from alcohol use to carbon monoxide levels, had Apple as its number one client.

The addition of a new, pricey, durable Apple Watch Pro is anticipated to be one of the main enhancements for this iteration, along with the temperature sensor. There isn’t much longer to wait, as we anticipate the release of the iPhone 14 next month to be accompanied by both of these plus an upgraded Apple Watch SE.



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