How to play Xbox Cloud Gaming with keyboard Without Game Controllers

How to play Xbox Cloud Gaming with keyboard Without Game Controllers

How to play Xbox Cloud Gaming with keyboard – Hello guys! There are users who may have a laptop or computer which isn’t able to run certain games or simply doesn’t perform due to the fact that it’s not meeting the minimum specifications. For these and other instances there are cloud services that let you play a range of games online and not needing to own the “powerful” hardware. Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the many options available which allows you to use Xbox games on any device connected to Internet or Gamepass Ultimate.

There are at the very least two solutions that are well-known. One of them is using a program known as KeyboardSplitter. These programs attempt to “emulate” an Xbox controller on the computer and make Xbox Cloud Gaming “think” that there’s an Xbox controller¬† that is connected. From there, you can assign the control buttons to the keyboard.

It possible that KeyboardSplitter doesn’t work for some PC. There is another solution that is quite effective. It’s called the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator available to here link . It allows you assign any input device such as the mouse, keyboard, steering wheel, and also the Xbox controller, which has the lowest response time and various of options for setting.

How to use Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

The most you have for you get the file here Xbox 360 Controller Emulator . Then, open the program and then unzip it. Once it is it is running it, an alert will be displayed in the Issues tab. It will ask you the user to install Controller drivers.

After installing the necessary drivers after restarting your computer, you’ll be able connect the keyboard keys onto the keyboard. To do this, click the Add button , then select your keyboard in the drop-down menu and then click the Add Device button. .

Then, we assign the control buttons to the keyboard. To accomplish this, simply click on the desired control button , or select an option from the menu and select Record and finally press the key on the keyboard that corresponds to that control button:

Once you have mapped the controls on your controller emulator keep the program open , start the Xbox app and click Xbox Cloud Gaming then the controller’s status will be changed to connected.


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