PremierCredit Loan App – Zambia

PremierCredit Loan App – Zambia

A better way to loan and grow your money in Zambia

By facilitating easy saving, borrowing, and investing, PremierCredit is an online microlending and investment platform that assists both individuals and businesses in managing their money successfully. With customizable terms, we provide borrowers with cheap financing that promotes financial inclusion and generates passive income for investors.

Are your finances suffering from time to time? PremierCredit can assist you in growing your cash in simple ways with our Payday and Personal Loans options that are tailored to your needs.

Does your bank account have little to no money to cover an emergency or major obligation that demands cash payment? You could only require a small amount of money to cover your expenses until your next paycheck, though.
Our simple to use personal and payday loans from PremierCredit have you covered.

Why You need to choose PremierCredit

Learn why people like you borrow PremierCredit

PremierCredit loans are advantageous when you require rapid cash to cover and address your financial obligations, particularly those caused by unforeseen occurrences that call for an emergency cash solution. The same day, we provide you that money. This is what we provide:

  • When needed, you may quickly and easily obtain money.
  • The least expensive credit with no hassle investments with a high degree of security In times of need, you can count on smiling faces to help.
  • Your credit score rises as you take out more loans and get more points.

PremierCredit Payday and Personal Loans

We have the right loans for what you need and when you need them

Payday Loans

The most convenient and cheapest way to satisfy your immediate financial demands is through cash advances. 24 hour approval and prompt money delivery. offers of up to K10,000.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be used to pay for significant costs. A personal loan of up to K100,000 over 60 months can be used to pay for assets, education, or home improvements.

Invest your income and watch it grow with our Peer-to-Peer Lending Methodology

1. An investor contributes money to the lending platform using a credit or debit card or mobile money. These money will now be visible to them in their Investor balance, where they may utilise them to make bids on various loan applications.

4. After PremierCredit collects the amount required in the authorised loan application, it distributes the money to the borrower, and the investor’s account is deducted by the amount they bid.
5. The borrower must pay interest and fees determined by the lending platform in addition to the loan’s principle (PremierCredit). The lender platform and investor each receive a portion of the interest.
6. The Investor may withdraw any amount up to the amount of their accessible balance.


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