How to program PC to shut down automatically

How to program PC for Automatic shut down – Our Computer machine are just like our regular smartphone device that can be scheduled for automatic turn off. Learn to program the PC to shut down at specific times in order to stop it from powering on too long. The process of programming the device to switch off is crucial to avoid increased electricity bill as well as prolonging the longevity for our machine. Also, read below for the steps to programe your PC to shut off automatically by using the computer’s native tools.

1. Manual programming

The most simple and efficient method of programming the computer to shut down is to do it manually using it’s ‘s command prompt However this method is not the same and needs to be repeated every time.

  1. open CMDClick “Win+R” to start Run then enter Command Prompt and then click ” Yes ” to open the Command Prompt;
  2. Enter the commandEnter this command: shutdown -s –f -t *time in seconds for close* and then hit Enter. For example to schedule shutdown for one hour then use shutdown -s. -f. -t. 3600 ;
  3. Ready!Windows can display a message that warns of the scheduled shut down.

If you’d like to end the shutdown, type the command shutdown in the Command Prompt, and hit Enter. Windows will show a new message advising you that the shutdown has been cancelled.

2. Schedule Auto Show Down with the Task Scheduler

For those who wish for Windows to run a regularly scheduled shutdown schedule, it’s possible to accomplish this by creating a routine , using Task Scheduler. task scheduler tool:

  1. Launch Task Scheduler Press “Win+R” to open Run, then type taskschd.msc and click ” OK ” to open Task Scheduler.
  2. Create an task
    In the Actions menu to the right, select to create a basic task . The wizard will give you the possibility of adding a name and a description of the task. Select one that is in line with what you wish to accomplish such as, for instance, something such as Automatic Power Off Next; click the next button ;
  3. Configure your task
    In the Task Launcher Choose the way you would like the feature to be activated. If you want a regular option you can select daily and then select Next.
  4. Select date and hour
    Select a date and time when the task needs to begin in the beginning and determine the frequency of days that the task will be repeated. If you would like her to shut off the computer every day then select 1. Click Next;
  5. Complete the procedure
    Next, choose Start a new program and then click Next. In the field Program/script enter shutdown -s and then -f and then click to finish .
    That’s all there is to it.

How can I programme macOS for shutting down

On macOS the method to schedule shutdown doesn’t require any commands from Terminal It can be accomplished very easily:

  1. Select on the Apple Menu and then the System Preferences ;
  2. Then, on the Hardware menu, click to enable Energy Saving ;
  3. Select the Schedule button, located at the bottom of the window.
  4. In the menu displayed in the menu, select the second box. Select the option to turn off Set a time that the shutdown will be repeated (whether daily or only on weekdays, just weekends or just one date of the week) Set the time , and then select OK.

How to Program Linux to Shut Down

Linux also includes the Shutdown function to schedule the shutdown of your system However, it’s parameters differ than those used in Windows:

  1. Start the Linux Terminal (depending on the version, it will be located in the menu Accessories or opened by CTRL + Alt + key combinations );
  2. Enter in the commands shutdown +*times in minutes* to instruct your system that it must shut off after the specified time. For instance, shutdown +120 to stop the system in two hours. Press Enter;
  3. Input your password for the system (if Linux asks for it) and hit Enter.

The shutdown can be scheduled at the time of your choice, just enter it in instead of +*time in minutes*. For instance, if need to shut down your system at 3:30pm you can use shutdown 15:30 .

To stop the scheduled shutdown you need to use the command shutdown to cancel the schedule, type shutdown in the terminal and press Enter. Similar to Windows the command works only one shutdown.


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