Review: Top 5 Smart Glasses in 2022

Review: Top 5 Smart Glasses in 2022

The development of smart glasses, which include cameras and headphones inside what appear to be ordinary sunglasses, is expected to be the next big thing in technology. Some can even beam a computer screen into the corner of your eye to function as simple augmented reality gadgets. The pricy Vuzix Blade offers a taste of augmented reality if you’re looking for a peek of the future, but we advise waiting for that specific function to become more popular.

Here are our top picks for the best smart glasses currently available.

Ray Ban:  Stories are distinct in that they resemble regular sunglasses, thanks to development by Facebook. They don’t scream “nerd” when you put them on, which is a good thing considering they were designed by Ray-Ban, but that should come as no surprise given that.

As a matter of fact, they come in three distinct Ray-Ban models—Meteor, Round, and Wayfarer—as well as five colour options (glossy black, blue, brown, olive, or matte black), six lens options, and six frame variations (brown gradient, clear, dark blue, dark gray, green, or photochromatic green). It’s safe to say Ray-Ban has the majority of people covered with the addition of prescription lenses. On the right arm is a capture button that may be used to snap photos. A touch-sensitive surface also has call, playback, and volume controls. You may submit videos and photos shot with them by using an app, and they also function as Bluetooth headphones. Naturally, you must have a Facebook account in order to accomplish so.

Bose Frames: The speakers of the Bose Frames are integrated into the arms and placed just behind the wearer’s ears. The glasses’ construction stops the sound from escaping to others around. The gyroscopes and motion tracking in the glasses make them ideal for integrating augmented reality applications. The warm audio quality of the Bose brand is well renowned.

Vuzix Blade: The Vuzix Blade’s most recent update delivers a tonne of cutting-edge capabilities in a surprisingly small pair of glasses. Along with its built-in speakers, noise-canceling microphones, and surprisingly strong camera, the Blade tops our list due to its augmented reality (AR) features.

A full-color display that superimposes digital visuals on the actual environment is a feature of the Blade’s right lens. You can see both simultaneously on the transparent display thanks to head motion tracking, which reacts to your movements to give you an engaging augmented reality experience. It is driven by its own processor and runs on Android OS, the same operating system used in Android smartphones. To further personalise the Blade’s functionality and get notifications, you may couple it with your smartphone using the companion app.

There are two designs of these glasses: the circular Taylor’s and the more angular Bruno’s.



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