Roku XD - Streaming Video Player Review

Roku XD – Streaming Video Player Review

Roku XD – Streaming Video Player Review With the many streaming media devices on the market, it is difficult to determine the most suitable for your needs. With the announcement of its new generation of streaming gadgets, Roku has become a significant competitor. Three players from the Roku 2 lineup set the bar for low-cost video streaming devices. Each supports high-definition streaming videos; however, they can all stream 1080p video. XD is the cheapest that supports 1080p resolution. We’ll look into this compact device’s capabilities, including how it streams HD video directly to your large screen.


Its Roku 2 devices are approximately the size of a hockey puck.They’re smaller than 4″ in either direction and less than 1″ high. The weight is about 3 ounces. This Roku XD does not have the same gaming controller as its XS model. However, a brand new gaming remote is available at a reasonable price online and works flawlessly when used with an XD device. But the regular (non-gaming) remote functions well on any Roku device, as it runs on the standard IR protocol. It is possible to add Roku to your existing remote. Roku into your standard remote and let you decrease how many remotes you must track.

The Roku XD is a device that offers HD pictures with 10-80p HD output. The Roku provides decent streaming capabilities in general, as per reviews. Users will discover it simple to access and watch any more than 350 streaming channels available on the Roku network.

Other Features

In addition to high definition 1080p output In addition, in addition, the Roku XD accesses streaming media online via wifi as well as Bluetooth connection. The wifi connection utilizes its 802.11n local network to connect to the internet’s high-speed connection.

The device is connected to your TV using the standard HDMI cable, which isn’t included. All Roku devices come with an ordinary RCA audio/video cable. To get the highest quality high-definition audio and video, it is recommended to use the HDMI cable. When buying an HDMI connection, it is essential to confirm that it can support the 1080p HD output provided by the Roku XD.

Roku XD also comes with the SD expansion slot, allowing users to store more channels to your gadget. The expansion slot is a boon when you decide to replace or upgrade your Roku device. The channels and settings can be saved on the SD card or your online account. They will sync whenever you set up an additional device and log into. If you acquire an extra device for a different room, access your account and look for the preferences you’ve saved for the first Roku device, making setting up simpler the second time.


Most online Roku XD reviews confirm that the device is simple to set up and use. Overall, the experience with Roku 2 XD is positive, particularly for those with an internet connection of high speed. Many people have viewed this product on the internet, and most have stated that they would recommend the device to others. Roku XD is making its mark on the video online streaming devices market.

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