How do I save folders in OneDrive

How do I save folders in OneDrive

How do I save folders in OneDrive – Discover how you can save folders using OneDrive and create backups of the most vital documents without transferring them one at a time.

OneDrive allows you to save entire files for upload to Microsoft’s Cloud storage, in addition to individual documents. If you own a virtual folder, you wish to transfer it onto the cloud in one shot, and you can do it via the browser or desktop application.

How to save folders using OneDrive

The ability to save folders on OneDrive via two different ways: the desktop application (Windows or macOS) or the website. Learn more about how to do this below.

How do I save data from OneDrive’s website?

  1. Visit OneDrive’s website. OneDrive web site.
  2. Click “Upload”, “Folder”;
  3. In the new window, click on the folder you wish to save.
  4. Click on “Upload”;
  5. Uploading of folders will start.

After this has been completed and the folder is created, you will upload it to OneDrive along with all the subfolders and the files within it (the time frame will be different based on the size and number of each file, as well as how fast your connection to the internet). After completing the process, it will be synchronized with your computer in the OneDrive folder when you utilize the application.

How do I download the desktop app (Windows & macOS)

There are two ways to accomplish this: one option is available accessible to each Windows and macOS one. At the same time, the alternative is limited only to the Windows 10 version of the OneDrive application. Learn more about both ways.

Method 1. (Windows as well as macOS)

  1. Install, download and install and configure OneDrive for your desktop
  2. Click the OneDrive icon on the Taskbar in the notification area;
  3. Click “More”, “Preferences” (Windows) or “More”, “Settings” (macOS);
  4. Select “Account”, “Choose folders”;
  5. Then, under “Sync your OneDrive files to this computer,” Check the folders you would like to sync.
  6. Select”OK” or click on the “OK” button.

The benefit of this technique is that it doesn’t need to transfer folders around on your PC. If you have enough space in the cloud, it is possible to back up all of your PCs or Mac.

Method 2 (Windows 10)

  1. Copy or transfer the folders you wish to store to your OneDrive folder;
  2. These folders are synced to the Cloud service.

Similar to the method on the web, OneDrive will keep copies of the original folders inside The OneDrive Folder on your personal computer. Store your OneDrive folder on OneDrive’s cloud if you want to clear space.


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