Simple and Best Way to Secure WiFi Internet Connection

Simple and Best Way to Secure WiFi Internet Connection

Simple and Best Way to Secure WiFi Internet Connection – Simply launch your web browser and type in “” to gain entry. From then on, please supply A secure WiFi network at home a necessity. If you want to make your WiFi more secure and safe, you can do so with a few simple steps that won’t take you long. Type in your correct username and password and hit the enter key to proceed. Your router’s username and password are both listed in the manual. There are some router instructions that can be found on Google as well. READ Cisco 2811 Routers For Small to Medium Businesses

You should check to see that it isn’t being used elsewhere and then make sure of that. You should change your router’s password to something new, unique, and personal that you know no one else knows. In no circumstances should you ever use the default or a simple password for your WiFi router? Keep in mind that you should change your password every three months.

Open Router’s Settings Page

To get to it, open your web browser and when asked, type “” From then on, put your correct username and password into the right boxes and hit the enter key. You can find your username and password in the instructions that came with your router. There, you can also find manuals for some routers that Google hosts.

Make sure it hasn’t been used elsewhere:

Give your router’s password a new, unique, and personal twist that no one else will know to make sure it is safe. Never use a simple password or the one that comes with your WiFi router. Also, don’t forget to change your password at least every three months.

Changing the Name of the Network SSID

Changing the name of your NETWORK SSID would be helpful because it would let other people know that the network is not the default one and may be safe to use. Do not use your family name, telephone number, or residential address as your Social Security (SSID) name.

Encryption of the Network

This is a very significant undertaking. There are many different kinds of encryptions available today. WPA2 offers the highest level of security in general in modern routers, whereas WEP provides the lowest level. Make an appropriate choice for your encryption. SUGGESTED Default username and password of router & Common Default Router Passwords

Filtering PC Mac Addresses

A Mac address is a kind of built-in address that is part of your device’s networking hardware. It’s similar to an IP address, but you can’t change it in any way. By adding the Mac addresses of all your devices to your WiFi network, you can make it safer. To do this, you need to find out the Mac addresses of your different devices. Open the command prompt and type “ipconfig /all” to set up all IP addresses on the PC. Your Mac address will be next to “Physical Address” in this window. You can find your MAC address in the menu for network connections on your phone. All you have to do is add these MAC addresses to the administrative settings of your WiFi router. In the future, only these devices will be able to connect to your WiFi. ALSO READ Apple TV and Roku Which Wireless Router Best for Streaming in 2022

Limiting the range of your WiFi network

Putting the router in a shoe box and sliding it under the bed or covering its antennas with aluminum foil are the easiest ways to achieve this goal. Similarly, you can change the mode of your WiFi router to 802.11g instead of any other method.

Updating your WiFi  Software

This is also important because, with each new update, your router will receive an updated version of its security software. You can determine the current version of the firmware installed on your device by navigating to “” and looking for it in the administration settings or dashboard.


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