Security tips to keep your phone secure [Smartphone safety tips]

Smartphones safety tips

In this article, we shall look at Smartphone safety tips that will guide you while you make use of your mobile device and there are several ways to keep your details safe. One thing to take seriously these days is the security of our phones, as they contain crucial information that we might not want the public to see. We have so much information, such as private chats with friends and family, business transactions, family functions, and personal notes to ourselves. 

Smartphones safety tips

The moment you acquire your smartphone and you are sure you have installed the necessary updates; the next line of action is to secure a lock for your phone. This could be either a password, a PIN code, fingerprints, or a face lock. Although not all of these locks are so reliable, there are some you can trust for maximum protection. This guarantee maximum security as no one else, except the people you give yourself.

Password: This lock is the most reliable of all. With this lock, you can easily choose something you will remember without anyone having a clue about it. You can as well make it complicated for easy guessing by others.

Pattern: Pattern is not so secure. Anyone could see you drag your pattern and can easily remember. As such, it is not so reliable. 

Pin: A bit more secure than a pattern, it is so easy to guess your pin because it is so limited. 

Fingerprint: This is so secure because you have the option of using any of your five digits to unlock your phone and as such prohibit anyone from accessing it without your permission.

Find my phone

This particular app comes as inbuilt in some smartphones while in others, you have to download it on your phone.

It is always advisable that “Find my phone” be turned on at every point on your devices, as this is useful for some reasons:

Firstly, if you are not sure of the last place you drop your phone in the house,

  • Ensure your laptop have access to the internet
  • Login to your google account and search for” find my phone” on Google 
  • Click on “Ring my phone” and pay attention to your phone ring
  • Search within the house to get your phone

Secondly, in the case of your phone being stolen and it being taken far away, you have the option of tracking the exact location if you turn on “Find my phone” on your phone. 

the following steps will help you track the phone

  • Ring and find your phone to see if is close by
  • Trace the location of your phone
  • Lock and clean your phone remotely
  • Pop up your contact details on the phone
  • Show an emergency message

These above steps will be possible only if the internet is accessible on the phone and if your account is turned on on the phone. Once it is Turned off, you cannot access the phone.

Allow Encryption

The option of encryption is a recent one, and all Android phones are encrypted by default. If you own an old phone, you should upgrade the phone to the latest version or look through your settings to allow encryption.

Turn on security auto-updates

This particular option should always be turned on; it helps to fix security loopholes and keep the users safe from any attack. Although your phone might come with default security updates, it is still good to check. 


Keeping your phone secure does not go out of place, and this is a major reason why you need to constantly check your settings for new updates, as some phone vendors offer monthly or yearly updates. The tips mentioned above help you keep your phone safe and secure from hackers and intruders.


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