How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp iPhone Easily

How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp iPhone Easily

How do I send videos of high quality using WhatsApp on my iPhone?

How to send pictures with a high resolution using WhatsApp
Launch the programme and select the options menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner;
To access “Storage and data,” first select “Settings” from the menu.
Select ” High Quality ” from the menu that appears after you tap ” Photo Quality “.

Is there a way to send the entire video through WhatsApp?

How to attach a large video file to a WhatsApp message and send it as a document
Launch a conversation, then tap the clip icon and choose the “Documents” option from the menu that appears;
Then, search for a video that can be up to 100 MB in size, and then tap the “to send” button. The video will be sent as a document within the conversation.

Why does WhatsApp compress videos?

The issue is that WhatsApp places a 64 MB cap on the maximum size of files that can be sent and received using its platform. If a video is larger than this size, it will not be able to be sent as part of a conversation.
Why is it that I can’t send the entire video through WhatsApp?

How to Send a Large Video Message on WhatsApp Using Your iPhone

The way round is to reduce the file size of the video before sending it via WhatsApp or any other application that places size restrictions on the files that can be sent between devices. The suggestion is to make use of applications such as Compacta Video. Here’s how to use it on your Android device or iPhone to send longer videos via WhatsApp.

How can I fix the problem where my WhatsApp download doesn’t work?

Make sure you have the following things in place if you are having trouble downloading or sending photos, videos, or voice messages:
Your cell phone’s internet connection is stable. To accomplish this, open a website in the browser on your mobile device.
The date and time on your mobile device are both accurate settings.

What is the maximum length that a video can be on WhatsApp?

1 minute and 45 seconds

The maximum length of an existing video that you can upload is restricted to 45 seconds. If you choose a video that is longer than 45 seconds, you will be given the option to crop the video before it is uploaded to the website. In the not too distant future, users of an iPhone version of WhatsApp will be able to send videos that are longer than 45 seconds.

Is there a way to prevent Auto Download Media on Whatsapp?

Under “Auto Download Media,” you can see a list of the types of files that WhatsApp downloads automatically. These include photos, audio files, videos, and documents. You can disable the automatic downloading by entering each one and selecting the “Never” option; alternatively, you can choose the Wi-Fi option if all you want to do is save mobile data.


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