Sending and receiving SMS messages using your PC

Through the aid of google, a web app for android messages has been introduced and it has made things a lot easier. 

Setting up

This application might not look new to WhatsApp users as it has been using a similar application. With the installation of the latest app for android messages on their phone, can use the application by following the steps below

Connect both your phone and PC to the internet

 Open the web portal messages. Android. Com on your browser

Press the messaging app on your android phone

Click “More Option” and select “Message for web”

A QR code will display on your PC screen, scan it using your phone.

There is an option of keeping yourself logged on your PC by choosing the “Keep me login” option. 


Without having to check my phone, the features of android messages have been brought to the PC.  With the aid of the application, you can do whatever you have to do concerning messages on your phone such as view messages, send messages and delete messages as well as archive right from your screen.

On the PC display screen on the left-hand side, you can view all your conversations and whenever you click on any, you can read the details of the SMS on the right side. You don’t only send messages; you can also send stickers and emojis. On this application, we have got loads of options such as enabling and disabling notifications, keeping login, enabling and disabling dark themes, etc. 

Other Methods Can Include The Following

Google Voice

Google Voice is still accessible if you live in the United States, however it is not functional for people who reside elsewhere. Although there are reports that Voice may eventually be withdrawn, you can send and receive SMS using your Google phone in the interim.

Choosing a local number with your area code and setting up for an account are both required steps in the Google Voice signup process. Each Google Voice account you have will correspond to a single Gmail account, and you will require a non-Google Voice phone number to verify your Google Voice number.


You may send and receive messages using Skype. Although it is not gratis as calls and video chats are, it is inexpensive. Since there is no sync between your phone and Skype, it isn’t as as slick as these other programmes.

If you want that functionality, you must also set up a Sender ID so that it seems as though you are transmitting from a mobile. You might not want to do that because any SMS you get would then display on your phone rather than on Skype if you did so.

Otherwise, add a payment method and confirm your mobile number on Skype. When it reads “through Skype” in the main box where you input your message, choose Skype and change it to sms.

Frequently Asked Questions

With today’s technology you’d think texting with a computer would be simple. But it can be quite complicated. That’s why we’ve included this section; to answer more of your most frequently asked questions.

Can I send texts without a phone number?

Yes. You can send SMS to their consumers via email using the majority of the country’s main carriers. You should be able to send a text message via email unless the receiver explicitly contacts their carrier to have the capability turned off. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e The other person’s phone number and carrier are all you need to know. Look for the email address required to send an SMS when you’ve located it. To send a text message to AT&T customers, for instance, use the email address [email protected]. Enter the recipient’s phone number and send the desired SMS. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e Create a temporary email address at u003ca href=u0022 if you want to send a text message anonymously. also u003c/au003e.


With the installation of an android messages setup on your laptop, you can completely keep your phones away without being disconnected from your phones. 


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