Smart Plugs Cost And Benefits

Smart Plugs Cost And Benefits

Have you ever wished that your appliances could possibly operate on their own? Or that you could save energy without going round the house every night to turn off all the lights? Guess what? With smart plugs, you have nothing to worry about. Adding smart functionality to your home does not have to be difficult or costly. There is a smart version of almost everything you can plug in, including coffee makers, light bulbs, TVs, speakers, etc.

Smart plugs are among the most affordable and easy-to-use smart home devices. They allow you to automate almost any wired appliance in your home with a simple tap on your phone or voice command. To create magic, simply plug one into an outlet, add a lamp, fan, and other devices, set it up with an app, and boom, you are good to go. 

Though all smart plugs serve the same basic function, they are not the same. Pricing, functionality, and compatibility with home assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, as well as other features, differ. This article will walk you step by step through smart plug costs, benefits, security, and functionalities. Let’s get started!

What Is a Smart Plug?

A smart plug is a quick and easy way to automate the wired appliances in your house remotely. You only need to plug it in and connect it to your Wi-Fi network by following the instructions in the appropriate app on your phone or tablet to set it up. Once a wired appliance, such as a lamp or fan, plugs into your smart plug, you can now control it from anywhere in the world using your phone. Fantastic, right?

If you want to reduce your energy costs, smart plugs are a great addition to your home. You can schedule things, like your lights, to only turn on during specific times of the day when you’re home using the scheduling feature of your smart plug’s app, saving energy while they’re off. This is amazing!

Additionally, smart plugs can aid in reducing the risk of fire in your house. If you frequently use heat-powered appliances like a clothes iron or curling iron, plugging them into a smart plug enables you to turn them off from a distance using your phone. Therefore, your smart plug can come in handy if you arrive at work and discover that you forgot to turn it off while in a hurry.

Benefits Of Using Smart Plugs

  • Smart plugs enable remote control of your appliances, making it easier to turn them on/off even when you’re not home.
  • Smart plugs can reduce your electricity costs and keep your home safer by preventing you from accidentally leaving heaters or hair straighteners on. This is because of how simple it is to operate your appliances and check which plugs are on or off.
  • Many of the smart plugs allow you to program appliances to turn on and off at predetermined times. This feature is perfect when you have a busy morning, making the kids’ lunches while trying to get yourself ready for work, it is easy to forget to turn off plugs, so with this special feature you no longer have to.
  • Homes are frequently targeted by burglars who look for indications that show that homeowners are away. By turning lights and appliances on and off while you’re away, smart plugs can be used to increase home security, making them a secure way to appear to be home even when you’re not.
  • If you have trouble enforcing limitations on how much TV your kids can watch, smart plugs can assist you in controlling their screen time and establishing a beneficial after-school schedule.

Smart Plugs Costs 

There are many smart plugs on the market that are top picks for smart home lovers.  The one to choose will depend on which features are most important to you. There are many options, from a compact design with the ability to group your smart plug with other smart devices in your home for simple commands.

We have chosen a few smart plugs from well-known brands that we adore and highly recommend. They are all jam-packed with practical features that you will adore as well. Amongst the popular smart plugs on the market are the Amazon Smart Plug, which costs about $25; the Philips Hue Smart Plug, which costs $35; the Leviton D215P-2Rw,  the Wemo Smart Plug; the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug; the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25), and many others. Smart plugs with a single outlet typically cost $15. You shouldn’t have to pay more than that unless you want a multi-outlet model or an outdoor smart plug.

A smart plug is a great option not only for home offices, but also for anyone with mobility issues who needs to control multiple devices. You can, for example, use voice commands to control a table lamp, a space heater, a radio, and other necessities. You can also set them to turn on and off every day at the same time. 

How Secure Are Smart Plugs?

In general, smart plugs pose little risk of being hacked, but it’s advisable to always use smart plugs with the highest level of security whenever possible. For security purposes, most smart plug apps require a password, while others, however, provide two-factor authentication (2FA), a common system that ensures that you are indeed you when you log in by sending a verification code to your phone if you attempt to log into the app. Security taken too far, right?


Technically, smart plugs are gradually replacing conventional standard plug sockets. This is because you can change how you interact with your home and office appliances from anywhere in the world, which may sound absurd to those who are unaware of the possibility. 

Smart plugs are useful for automating devices, both inside and outside your home. With the help of smart plugs, you can control your appliances from a distance, making it simpler to turn them on/off even when you’re not home. They are the first simple steps toward home automation; that’s why they are highly rated. 



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